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  1. Bullseye equipment

    I just recently got introduced to bullseye pistol competition, and I'm enjoying it, I just acquired a good pistol but am looking for range boxes, spot scopes, and anything to go with the sport. I'm short on money so looking for cheap buys.
  2. How big of a deal is printing?

    I'm a big guy 6'1" 250/260lbs I have tried a few holsters from alien gear to rawdog with my XD-E 9MM . All conceal well but the butt prints a bit on my back. I usually end up around 4 oclock position. Am I worrying too much about some printing?
  3. Should I just wait to get my permit

    So I w as wondering if it would be sensible to buy a holster and belt while I wait for my LTC, or should I wait in case it's restricted. I can't see any reason why it would be but it seems from reading thatf you never really know for sure, also been looking at guns and I'm torn between...
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