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  1. Anyone see the Stealth Bomber?

    If you saw it, that’s wasn’t a real stealth bomber. Just sayin. Remember those 80s and 90s Lamborghini kits that you could buy and bolt to a Fiero? That’s what that was. A Cessna with a B2 bolt on body.
  2. Coloring books

    They sell the adult coloring books at CVS. Right next to the men’s makeup.
  3. Is Independence Day Canceled?

    Same thing happening here in NC. Cancelled fireworks, no problem! We’re gonna put on a show that will make the government run shows look like kids play.
  4. Pardoned army officer. What does the NES brain trust say?

    So, was talking to my marine friend who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq back between 04-08. I asked him about this guy and what he was convicted of. His opinion is that the platoon was filled with pussies who had no business being there. He said he has no love for many officers, but he...
  5. Massive Protests Will Rock Our Cities On July 4th As A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Is Visible Above America

    I’d suggest kicking your employers ass. I do it all the time and my wife roots me on!
  6. Looking at selling my house

    I’d suggest watching all three season of Ozark first. Those people are crazy down there!
  7. Massive Protests Will Rock Our Cities On July 4th As A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Is Visible Above America

    Well, o don’t know about y’all, but we’re having a massive bash with a record stash of fireworks down here in Dixie. Even my blackie friends are coming! There will be no kneeling. Let me tell you now. People down here are pissed. I don’t care if your black, white, brown, yellow, purple, pink...
  8. Libertarianism is a scam!

    When I can run into two libertarians in the same day and one is a anarchist tree hugger and another is a totalitarian law and order dude, then, libertarianism has lost all meaning for me. I’m actually offended by their name. so I don’t know if it’s a scam, but when bill weld is on your ticket...
  9. Presidential Prediction

    I just finished speaking to my friend in Dane County, WI. Been friends for years. In august of 2016, we spoke and he said that WI would go Trump. I was skeptical. I was on the phone with him when Wisconsin was called for Trump on election night. Because of what my friend does, he has the pulse...
  10. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    I remember back in the 80s when salad bars were all the rage in supermarkets. They’re pretty much gone now. as to make your own coffee. Meh. The coffee will kill anything.
  11. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Here in NC, there are no fence posts available at all. I generally keep half a dozen on hand because I’ve got an acre fenced in and the fence is almost 10 years old and we can get some freaky wind. currently have 3 sections down but can’t get posts.
  12. Presidential Prediction

    I would really like Candace to get some sort of election victory under her belt. She’s made noises about running for Congress. Now, Nickie Haley. I can get behind her. Or on top. Or bottom. Whatever. Haley is positioning herself for a run in 2024. I’m Not sure Pence would run. But that’s a...
  13. Presidential Prediction

    Saw this early this morning. Very interesting development. I am by no means an expert in Colorado politics. But I am impressed that she ran to the right and aligned herself with Trump policy. She won the primary because of that. I could argue that that means Trump voters are fired up! It could...
  14. Next group to go in the new society....Catholics

    Archbishop Viganò is doing his part to shore up what’s left of the Church and our country. This is his letter to Trump offering some solace and support. June 7, 2020 Holy Trinity Sunday Mr. President, In recent months we have been witnessing the formation of two opposing sides that I would...
  15. Presidential Prediction

    Stop being so scared. The silent majority is a real thing. I’ve had this conversation with people up and down the east coast. Nobody is answering phone polls. And the anger against the Marxist democrats is palpable, especially among the ‘blue dog’ democrats. Yes, there are still yet some old...
  16. Presidential Prediction

    It’s Heels High Harris. come On. Try to keep up!
  17. Just when you thought things couldn’t get!

    1/3 of men under 45 will consider wearing makeup.
  18. I got "Called Out" today......Update post 66......he is in the Air Force!

    I hope admin reserved studnuts as a screen name for him.
  19. I got "Called Out" today......Update post 66......he is in the Air Force!

    I refuse to live in a place that doesn’t allow Zip Lines. That’s just silly.
  20. Why I CCW: Marauding monkeys in epic jailbreak

    My question is “We’re the monkeys given a fair trial before locking them up?” I suspect not.
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