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  1. How to react if approached about carrying a firearm in a store

    "politely ask for a manager to meet you outside to discuss the matter." employee 1:ugh, excuse me boss manager: yes employee 1: we have someone by the name of Karen outside waiting to speak with you. manager: 🤦‍♂️
  2. we build 1022 ! ... (part Odin)

    love me a shovel thread. happy goddamn Independence Day folks. if this aint what it's about what is? cheers
  3. iPhone Call Failed

    I just switched to an iPhone, love android but this was free and my battery life was getting really bad. I couldn't figure out why calls would sometimes work, and iMessage would work but I couldn't text if not on wifi. and in those texts pictures wouldn't send. in the drop down bar from the...
  4. PSA: iS It pRe HEaLY?

    again, the whole sentiment of this thread...find the right dealer. and you won't be. ask around sir. shit, start with some of the dealers in this own thread...see where it gets ya
  5. 2020-2021 Patriots Mega Thread

  6. Refurbished Some Mags

    takes five plus years imo to be reviving an old thread! shit I've seen threads from 2007 pop up that is reviving an old thread! you're just adding to the conversation good sir!
  7. (Closed) NES Member - Surefire Giveaway - July 4th

    wow, that filled up quickly. in
  8. East Longmeadow LTC?

    Hello Joe, can't speak to East Longmeadow's license issuance, but they did just allow a gun shop to open up in town, so maybe their administration isn't totally anti. there are a few members here from EL, and with some time should see this thread and chime in. The thread Paul mentions above is...
  9. Racist products in a supermarket

    you just sent me down a rabbit hole of reading. thanks! lol. what a fascinating time in our history. sometimes I miss being in school just for history class. need to read more @Rob Boudrie
  10. Good Wood

    I love the look of the brushed hard chrome. that and particularly the look of brushed bluing but that's a different story. beautiful job Mr. Derr. thanks for sharing, I too like horizontal hunter, look forward to peeking into these posts and see what goodie there is to discover.
  11. VP9 preban mags?

    realize im bumping an old one... was reading on hk and looking at some magazines when I cam across that they state on their website, that p30 and vp9 mags also fit the p2000 and more notably , the uspc in 9mm as well. I don't have a usp, or uspc (not that being a compact should make a...
  12. Springfield police arrest Chicopee resident, recover gun stolen from Southwick

    pretty good actually. a family member had some guns stolen about 7 years ago. maybe 2 years ago an ATF agent called him up stating a pistol had been recovered. once the case was concluded, the firearm was returned to the owner. he wishes it was one of his more expensive firearms, but getting...
  13. What a night....

    another one for the good guys! congrats sir
  14. New LTC applications?

    Try Contacting one of your local selectmen? If your town has them. Or someone else in your towns govt that may be the person or persons your PD answers to?
  15. I got "Called Out" today......Update post 66......he is in the Air Force!

    I respect those green feet. cousin is a pj. enjoy your brew with the guy sky, you've both earned it. cheers
  16. NES Sticker spotting

    Masspike eastbound between palmer and Sturbridge today, about 325pm blue GMC (?maybe chevy) pickup pulling a large camper trailer behind you. saw the NES sticker amongst other glorious displays of 1A expression. no sticker on my vehicle but I did wave! this is like a missed connections on...
  17. lot/land wanted ME (perhaps NH)

    can't offer any help per say, but keep fighting the good fight. it all work out for you eventually. best of luck
  18. Shooting steel with some AP.

    may I ask, why? I just sold some to a member here. people seem to really want it, I had no problem letting it go, plant other alternatives at a better price per round. waiting for panic type prices to drop and will be able to basically get a case of 556 or 9mm for the price of a bandolier of...
  19. Gun Club closure megathread

    Update out of Springfield Sportsman's Club in Monson, MA: I was not pleased they shut to begin with. might join another club, that had the balls to allow members to use OUR facilities. tldr: opening May 18th, members only, pactice social yaddy yaddy yada COVID-19 CLUB UPDATE As of May...
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