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  1. They're baaaaaaaaaaack!

    Not. They are also Antifa's poster children for white, wealthy, privileged people. They have a lot to lose and the opposition knows it. Maybe next time they will dress for the occasion. It's hard to take a dude in a pink polo shirt seriously.
  2. Most fireworks I've ever heard.

    10pm news was showing them going off all over the place and mentioned the police have received dozens of calls about illegal fireworks. It would be a good night for them to have the blue flu! LOL The serfs have spoken loud and clear.
  3. The President Trump Megathread

    I'm pretty sure your homeowners insurance doesn't pay if you intentionally burn your house down. That's how I see these states that encouraged the destruction and did nothing to stop it. It's the mess they wanted. Let them clean it up.
  4. How do you exercise now that your gym is closed?

    Went to the gym for the first time since March. I don't know how they are getting away with it but the vary large gym I went to today had none of the supposedly required signs except for signs to tell people to disinfect the equipment before and after use. I guess they figure everyone knows the...
  5. Presidential Prediction

    IMO that ia what a lot of this BLM crap is for. No one wants Biden. They are hoping they can pair him with a woman of color to get the black vote and the white guilt vote like they got for Obama. Although at least Obama can give a decent speech.
  6. Amazon - What the hell?!

    In general the supply chain is broken or backed up. I've noticed many stores in the area are low on merchandise even online. I've been to several stores looking for some basic items and there are none to be found. Amazon and eBay have been the only option to get what I want.
  7. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    Tucker Carlson nailed it when he basically said we have too much dignity to fight at their level.
  8. Long shelf life foods

    When things are stocked up check out the canned meat aisle. Walmart has some interesting items like canned meatballs and usually a variety of Spam. I'm stocking up on turkey and bacon Spam when it's back on the shelf. Canned hash is also good. Opened a best by 2013 can of roast beef hash this...
  9. Cats with Diabetes

    I had a cat that was diabetic for 11 of her 19 years before she died. Different insulin types use different needles or the dose has to be adapted to the amount of insulin the needle holds. I think Lantus was the last insulin she was on and did very well. The vet should have said which insulin...
  10. Civil War.

    I agree. But that us not how it will be reported all over the world and in our leftist controlled media.
  11. Are you a warrior?

    I still have my official membership card
  12. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Grocery stores locally have been well stocked. Wednesday I went to the Marshalls in Nashua. The store was so empty I wondered if they were going out of business. Very little merchandise. Lots of empty shelves and racks. Signs up saying new items would be arriving soon. Their supply chain is...
  13. Civil War.

    It's simple. It's a violent crowd that requires more violent tactics. As soon as the police or NG get involved the media all over the world will be showing the "Police Brutality against peaceful protestors". It will make Kent State look like a garden party. Everything the US has condemned in...
  14. Are you a warrior?

    You bet your sweet ass I am!!!! I see there are not many real turtles here.
  15. Gotta Love Middle Age...Knee Pain.

    It probably would help but I wouldn't do it yet. Right now it's probably fragile and tightening up (guarding) so you don't do it again. Ice and heat and some gentile stretching would probably be good for a few days. Then if it doesn't flare up you can start stretching it more. You don't want...
  16. Gotta Love Middle Age...Knee Pain.

    I've got some info to add to the resurrected thread! For the last few years my Lyme doc told me my knee and foot pain were due to Lyme and Bartonella. A few weeks before the shut down I went to see a structural integration dude I know and he put me on a calf stretch board. A lot of structural...
  17. As protests spread to small-town America, militia groups respond with online threats and armed intimidation

    You would hope that would happen. Sadly I could see something more like sheltering in place happening. At least until they breached the interior.
  18. The Only Question Now Is The Timing Of The Collapse

    I wish that were true. But when you see prominent people falling all over themselves to apologize for things they have never done or thoughts they had that weren't popular there is a serious problem When businesses can get ruined and destroyed and people in general think it's the right thing...
  19. Heavy Feline Content: So that the funny thread doesn't get locked

    I'm sure there is another kitty somewhere that would love to keep you company. Or view you as a potential emergency source of food. ;)
  20. Ghana Minister Invites African-Americans to Re-settle in Africa If They Feel Unwanted in the U.S.

    There it is:"Come home and bring your money". Even Ghana wants to use black people for an agenda.
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