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  1. Glock 17 or VP 9 ? Owners

    I needed a 2.8mm roll pin punch and a good bit of hammering for the VP9. Tried improvising and using a 3/32” or Glock tool, but neither worked for me.
  2. Glock 17 or VP 9 ? Owners

    I own both...when I wanted to change out the grips on the VP I had to order the specially sized punch that didn’t come with it and got to wait for 2 weeks. Whereas when you make an alteration to a Glock it takes about 5 minutes. Kind of left me with a sour taste. VP9 is a very smooth shooter...
  3. insulating a basement I used something similar to the attached. It’s fantastic Basically it’s sound proof as well. When I’m in my office I have no idea when the boys are beating each other up is good
  4. I just really don't know what to say......................Washing feet of protestors, begging for forgiveness? Is this real?

    Except for the disciples didn’t demand he do it because they felt like Jesus’ great great grand daddy had wronged their great great grand daddy and Jesus needed to make it up to them by publicly disgracing himself. He did it as an example to try and show them that they should be out doing good...
  5. blue guns

    They are good if you are training in gun disarm techniques. Or want to teach someone who is brand new to firearms and scared to even hold a real one.
  6. blue guns

    S&R tactical makes some great ones. The 1911 style I have even has a mag release and magazine.
  7. How quickly...?

    ^Truth. Taking responsibility for your family’s protection is priority #1. It doesn’t have to be a big argument with your wife though. If you wind up not talking to each other for a month you are doing it wrong. Your family wants protection and security from you they just sometimes don’t...
  8. Mississippi church destroyed by arson was suing city over safer-at-home order

    I think what he is trying to say is....“ Stay away from my guns but...go ahead and sanction when and where I can worship and/or assemble or at the very lead please keep a record of when and where I assemble so you can later decide to deny me services that I pay the name of the common...
  9. Smith & Wesson bodyguard. 380

    Charles said it best.
  10. Janet Mills signs bill ending religious and personal exemptions for vaccinations

    Maybe but it still make no sense, even for public school. If you and your kids are vaccinated and you trust the science behind the vaccinations, why do you care if the other people and their kids are not vaccinated. Whether you are vaccinated or not you can be a carrier.
  11. Ltc application legal advice Randolph area

    Jason Guida...I know a number of folks who have used him and all have been very impressed. He is who I would call if I needed something. Whatever the cost it will only increase (along with your chances of getting an LTC/FID decreasing) if you try yourself and get denied.
  12. Hunter safety course online

    The online Texas course through the NRA was pretty extensive, I took it on airplanes a few hours at a time over a couple of months. Obviously, there are a lot of laws in MA that you need to know that aren’t covered. I only bow hunt so there’s quite a few less for me.
  13. Armslist ship to door

    I’ll take a dozen.
  14. Armslist ship to door

    Marshfield. It was meant to be hyperbole.
  15. Armslist ship to door

    Yeah I’m not touching it, wouldn’t be able to shoot it till September 2021 when my range reopens anyways.
  16. Armslist ship to door

    ha yeah that and all personal details.
  17. Armslist ship to door

    That’s guys! It seemed fishy.
  18. Armslist ship to door

    Hi guys, I was contacting a seller on armslist about a S&W 638 he said he didn’t want to meet for personal transfer because of The vid..but would ship it directly to me. I’m still pretty new to the personal transfer thing but haven’t heard of this as an option before...Anyone know if this...
  19. Pocket holster

    I carry a sig 938 and a kahr PM9 both in Alabama pocket holsters. They are awesome, great retention yet are very easy to draw.
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