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  1. Sig p320 x5

  2. WTS Roland Td-9x electronic drum kit with amp

    Selling my barely used electronic drum kit Open to trades Will add cash for the right deal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Holster for women?

    Wonder if anyone has anyone has any suggestions for a holster for a female. She's got a shield in 9 mm. I'm also talking other than the flash bang or purse types. She has a smaller frame so my alien gear is way too big for her. I did a search but came up with nothing.
  4. Giant inner tubes?

    Weird question I know, but does anyone know where to get really big inner tubes? Like 40 plus inch ones? Going camping and need a few for the river. Also looking for cheaper than the commercial river tubes. I'm looking for both online and stores. I was thinking a junk yard. Sent from my...
  5. 40 round mag catching bolt

    So my friend picked me up a preban 40 round mag at a gun show a few weeks back and it seems to be jamming up the bolt. When the bolt is forward the mag won't seat. When it's back it will seat but when I release the bolt it looks like the bolt is hitting the back of the mag. Anyone ever have...
  6. Gun shop Black Friday deals?

    I'm not sure if this was started but anyone know of any? I know shooters warehouse in Tewksbury is doing one. 5 percent off guns and ammo, 15 percent off everything else,the ear safety guy will be there, and their raffling off a ruger lcr Any others? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Pro 2a doc?

    I'm currently looking for a new primary care physician and I would like to find one that when he asks if there are any guns in the home it's because he wants to chat and not report me. I'm 26 and just looking for check ups and what not, so don't quite need a specialist....also somewhat local...
  8. removing muzzle brake

    So I just got a new ares armor f-in A comp and I'm not exactly sure how to remove the muzzle brake currently on there. I think it's a 2 piece if there is such a thing. I had it done by a smith last time it had to come's not pinned, it's not welded, it might have locktite on it. I hit...
  9. Archery target?

    So I'm not sure how many bow shooters are on here but figured I'd ask. My club has a small archery range but I shoot right through most of the targets. I have a 63 pound pull and due to the set up can't get it down much more than that. some of the arrows have gone right through the target...
  10. NY school bans balls and cartwheels

    It's for the children Long Island Middle School Bans Footballs, Other Recreational Items « CBS New York
  11. Mobile storage

    So I just got a new job that doesn't allow me to carry while on the clock. Generally I would just carry and say if they find out I'm carrying it's because I had to use the gun, however it's much more likely in this position they would see my edc by mistake. So until I can get a smaller...
  12. Storage at gfs house?

    So this may be a question that's been asked but I couldn't find it My buddy recently moved from Chelmsford to his girlfriends house in reading and he doesn't want to bring his safe with him (keeping the condo in Chelmsford) because he said its against MA law to keep them there if she doesn't...
  13. Harry Potter and The State of MA

    Here's something I posted on facebook this morning I was cleaning all the handguns yesterday with the new frog lube kit I picked up and there was a Harry Potter Marathon on. I'm a geek and I am proud to admit it so judge away, but here's what I posted So to my geeky friends that also likes...
  14. Canada has no balls

    Midlake, Ontario Eliminates Soccer Ball From Youth Soccer Programs This is just sad...coming to a liberal yuppy town near you
  15. MA Class roster?

    So I recently got my cert to teach the basic fire arms safety course. In the packet came the certificate and awhat can only be described as a roster or a attendance list. Is it mandatory to send this into the state police? What is the point of it? I guessed it was to verify that these...
  16. Now to ban flavored cigars

    Because apparently no one should be allowed to make decisions for them selves.
  17. MA state cert

    Has anyone gotten one recently? How long did it take? I'm at week 6 and still haven't seen anything. I called last week and left a voice mail but nothing back yet. Just curious. I have a list of people that I don't want to take off on me. Edit Should have mentioned its for basic firearms safety
  18. .GOV....The Musical

    If this doesn't bring you a laugh then there's something wrong with you. Don't know if this is a dupe...Didn't see it.
  19. Active service LTC question

    My buddy was born and raised in MA. He went to the navy, was stationed in San diego most recently and has a drivers license in CA He's now stationed here after re upping as a recruiter and will be living in the Boston Area. Does he Need a MA drivers License before he can apply for his LTC?
  20. gun porn or "glamour shot" sources?

    A buddy of mine is trying to make new displays in a shop he works at and is looking for inspiration. Anyone know a good source with a bunch of shots like the one below? Thanks. Oh feel free to post your favorite here if you only know of one or two
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