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  1. Doall clay cannon......worth every penny.

    $80 as bass pro. I was skeptical took a chance on it. It works awesome. Singles. Stacked doubles. Wide doubles. Any angel you want to hold it at. It's as much fun trying to confuse the shooter as it is shooting. Very easy to cock and load. I just spent a full hour using it with my son and we...
  2. Illegal turkey hunter caught red handed.

    On Thursday, April 30, 2020, the Massachusetts Environmental Police was notified of an illegal turkey hunting activity in Westminster. The homeowner provided MEP with the hunter's license plate to his vehicle and advised that a bird had been shot with a crossbow and was still alive. MEP...
  3. $17 million spent on a temporary hospital didn't see a single patient

    This shit is starting to piss me off.
  4. USNS Comfort was never needed.....leaves nyc

    Total over reaction.
  5. So I purchased a non res NH hunting license.....

    Went non res hunting license for NH for the first time. I've always stuck to mass and maine. Looks like the controlled turkey hunts for devens will not happen due to the damn corona crap. So.....I have good access for turkey in southern NH and decided to purchase nh. Damn those non res...
  6. Haverhill hunter harrasment
  7. This year's snow shoe hare trip coming up quick!

    All booked for 2 days up in Maine with pine Grove lodge again. This will make our 4th year in a row. This year my brother will be coming along. He's never hunted but shoots trap and clays. Maine.....actually wants people to try hunting! They have an apprentice licensing program. You can buy...
  8. "Last Full Measure"'s a must see. Awesome movie.

    Saw it last night. Excellent and well done film. Had less to do about Pitt's valor (although it was displayed in the story) and more to do with what the men he saved went through after.
  9. Non resident apprentice hunting license......with a misdemeanor oui

    I've done a ton of research on this and I believe we are ok.....but putting this out to the Maine braintrust to see what you think. Planning a hunting trip for hare soon up in Maine. My brother is planning to come with us using a Maine non resident apprentice hunting license. I know we are ok...
  10. Steve Rinella coming to Boston. Tickets on sale today.

    Steve Rinella (meat eater podcast and Netflix show) will be in Boston in May. Details here
  11. Gun season opener weather forecast is shaping up to be insanely perfect.

    A few inches of snow Sunday afternoon into Monday......holy crap......the deer are in trouble Monday gentlemen.
  12. Skinner peep sight for Henry big boy 357 question

    1. Anyone use the skinner "express" receiver mounted peep sight? 2. How did they work out? 3. Did you need to install a taller front sight?
  13. Pheasant season eve

    Happy pheasant season eve everyone. Be careful out there tomorrow. Hope you all bag some. If you don't see the sky.....let it fly. Hunt safe everyone.
  14. Country pond fish and game open house

    This Saturday the 28th. Open house. Ranges open to the public all day. First round of trap is free. Plenty of range safeties will be on the ranges to ensure safety and provide instruction for novice shooters. Come on down and check out what we have to offer.
  15. Squirrel is open

    The first game to open in mass starts today. Zones 1-9 grey squirrel. Can't make it out till Saturday......but Saturday morning I'll be ina woods in zone 9. Can't wait to take the shotgun for a walk for the first time this season.
  16. Gawehr 91 artillery thoughts

    Have the opportunity to purchase a gawehr 91 artillery carbine. Price seemed lower that what I see on GunBroker etc..... What should I be looking for as far as usefulness / value. I don't generally purchase rifles I can't shoot. Thanks in advance.
  17. 2019 mast drop

    Couple of woods walks the last few days. Acorns and hickory nuts look very large and plentiful in Merrimack valley.
  18. 45acp....learning

    I loaded 400 rounds of 45 acp 200 grain Berry's plated swc (using 4.6 bullseye powder). First couple hundred cycled perfectly.....accurate as hell and low recoil compared to 230 factory ammo so plate shoots have shown a great improvement in my times. Had 4 failed to feeds on my latest batch of...
  19. New Jersey cancels grouse season for 2019

    Less than 1% of new Jersey is early successional forest. At least they acknowledge that hunting was not the cause of the decline. They need to get clear cutting and get that percentage of early successional back up. Southern New England will see this happen soon if forest management practices...
  20. Siege at Jadottville on netflix

    Guess this is the right place to post this. Got a chance to see Siege at Jadottville on Netflix with my son last night. Great movie about a little known battle in the Congo in the early 1960s. An Irish infantry company tasked with protecting Belgians living in the katanganese province during...
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