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  1. Consealed Carry Insurance

    Found this and was wondering if anyone had this ? It seems legit but like always would like some NES opinions , worth it , waste of time , scam and so on . let the flaming begin . [thinking] I do carry all the time /...
  2. Norinco BWK-92 AK 47 Good / Bad ?

    I am interested in buying a Norinco BWK-92 which is a basically a MAR 20 but in 5.56x45mm instead of 7.62x39 do any of you have any experience good or bad with this gun ? My reasoning is that I already load 5.56x45mm for my AR and always wanted to have a AK .
  3. Just guessing would this be illegal in Mass ?

    Found it on Command Arms looked like a lot of fun, but figured it would be a no go [thinking] ?
  4. Holster Recommendations IDPA

    Just wondering if any of you had an recommendations for holster , I was thinking of either of a Black Hawk CQC Serpa Holster or a Fobus Roto belt Holster . Second question which is better a belt holster or paddle ? Or is it all up to personal preference, trying not to waste money on what does...
  5. Loading for IDPA

    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area if so please move me.[grin] I have been loading for a couple of years and would like to get into shooting in the IDPA, just signed up for the introductory class at Harvard Gun Club in March so my question is what bullet weight would work better st ...
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