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  1. Free Association

    Chesty Puller
  2. Free Association

  3. Free Association

  4. Free Association

    The Green Door
  5. Free Association

  6. Free Association

    DWI Moped song View:
  7. A Rant, if I may....

    I had to stop going to Colonial... I was going to have to get a bigger dozer just to haul me around. They have excellent donuts!
  8. A Rant, if I may....

    Unfortunately that is true. Great place to be a gun owner, up here. It is however mostly a culinary wasteland.
  9. Free Association

  10. Free Association

  11. Free Association

  12. Free Association

  13. Free Association

  14. Free Association

  15. Free Association

  16. Benelli M1 Tactical vs M4?

    Now I have to re access my fuddliness as my 20 has those 3 15's and the AR 10 with the 30's ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!! I must find a duck to commune with ....
  17. Benelli M1 Tactical vs M4?

    As a fudd. I would like to offer you a free membership to Associated Fuddly Fudds of America. Your free Fuddly Fudd magazine will arrive monthly and keep you informed of all fuddly event's in your area like the Wednesday night all fudd round polishing circle and clog dance. Come gather with all...
  18. Benelli M1 Tactical vs M4?

    I have heard that about carriers. I have a 6 round carrier and it is not an issue. Perhaps if is how the carrier is installed.
  19. Benelli M1 Tactical vs M4?

    I have a M1 hi cap... I have never re sprung it. I have shot trap loads consistently. It runs buck and slugs. It does not malfunction. It runs as consistently as any of my Glocks. If the chips were to be down... it is a go to tool. I have rifle sights. My old one had ghost ring. Out of the two...
  20. Free Association

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