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  1. WTS Hoyt Vicxen Collector's Edition Vicki Cianciarulo Bow, RH

    Location: Off of Rt2 between 95 and 495 Description: Right hand Hoyt Vicxen Collector's Edition Vicki Cianciarulo Bow. I don't remember what the draw is set on it nor the draw weight, but my wife is 5'8". This bow you can change the draw and the pull weight though. It's a complete package if...
  2. Best of Littleton area

    Gibbett Hill in Groton for nice dinners Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe in Westford for Chinese hand pulled noodle soup Blood Farm butcher in Groton Okipoke in Westford
  3. Mesh network or wifi extender

    Another option is to get a bunch of old Linksys routers that you can brick/root and use DD-WRT with their mesh. It works well enough and it was cheap to do. I was able to get 4 old routers for free from friends.
  4. Cop in shootout with 2 in Las Vegas - Great video

    Look up the videos on Michael Vance and OK police. One of the officers used his "patrol" rifle during a cart chase.
  5. Cold Brewers...What’s your method or machine?

    I grind beans for a French press and put them in a pitcher with filtered water overnight. Then I use a drip filter over another pitcher to pour the coffee with the grinds into.
  6. Olympic biathalon

    You organize it, I'll show up and bring others with me.
  7. Olympic biathalon

    FTR, it's spelt biathlon. There are several places in New England that offer the sport of biathlon. If you want to learn the fundamentals, I'd recommend taking a lesson from Wayne in Jackson, NH. | Biathlon Other places: - Harvard Sportsmens Club in Harvard MA, they usually meet monthly to...
  8. Favorite Winter Olympic sport?

    NHC, I forgot about that place. I got to Ft Kent more often for the HS races servicing all of New England.
  9. Favorite Winter Olympic sport?

    2? Ft Kent Outdoor Center is the only one that I know of. Are you thinking of Ethan Allen in Jericho, VT?
  10. Bicycle suggestions?

    Thanks for the plug guys! I think that you should ask yourself these questions. 1. Are you going to commute year round? You'll have to think about studded tires and fenders. 2. How much stuff do you want to carry? Is it going to be on your back or on a rack. 3. Where will you be storing this...
  11. WTS Gamin GPSmap 62st

    Location: Rt 2 Corridor between 95 and 495 Description: Garmin GPSmap 62st Compass and Altimeter model. Like new, so like new that I still have the plastic screen protector on it. Accessories: - USB cable Selling Terms: FTF Price: $220 Contact...
  12. 2017 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    Wow those are really dark! Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  13. School me on Fat Bikes

    Sounds like Boris wants to be challenged with doing some service work on a bike because it's not so trivial to do on his own. So perhaps a brake bleed, fork overhaul, bearing replacement and drivetrain replace for the "Son of Kalashnikov", the man that is completely self sufficient.
  14. School me on Fat Bikes

    The market for fat bikes is fairly saturated now. Almost every major manufacturer has a bike on the market. I don't think you can go wrong with any big brand, they will all perform well. Be sure to buy a newer fat bike made in the last year. Otherwise, you'll deal with the headache of oddball...
  15. Identify gut Pile in my backyard

    Looks like someone ate some curry that did not agree with them.
  16. Fishing newbie

    Walden Pond and the Wachusett Reservoir have smallies as well. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  17. Tile job / Ditra

    I'm not professional, just a DIY homeowner. I bought John Bridge's book and used that as my reference. My tile jobs are still holding up 10 years later, I pity the person that buys my home in the future that wants to do a remodel. I sistered all the floor joists and installed new sub-flooring...
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