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  1. WTB Old NMortise Locks

    Have you thought about contacting the locksmith program at North Bennett Street School in Boston to see if they can repair/restore your current locks? I attended many years ago, worked as a locksmith for a few years but then moved to different work. When I attended, they had lots of old stuff...
  2. WTS Fiddleback Forge Knives

  3. WTS Fiddleback Forge Knives

    Three Fiddleback Forge knives for sale: 1. FF Bushfinger, 1/8" A2, tapered tang, emerald burlap; paid $355, asking $300 2. FF Bushcraft Karda, 1/8" A2, skeletonized full tang, lacewood; paid $300, asking $260 3. FF Gaucho, 3/32" A2, skeletonized full tang; black canvas micarta; paid $270 asking...
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