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  1. Trijicon MRO Experiences?

    I have a MRO, Aimpoint PRO, and T1. If I was in the market for another red dot, I would buy another MRO. I find for the price ($380’ish) when they’re on sale it’s tough to beat. I do notice a little magnification on mine but it’s not enough to bother me. Mine has a pre 89k serial. The only...
  2. Re-anodizing a pre ban colt lower.

    Try SNF in Keene, NH. They do black or preban gray anodizing.
  3. 80% lower

    Thanks for the clarification
  4. 80% lower

    I’m not a lawyer but just for shiets and giggles...when you read the law it states you don’t need to register a firearm unless you obtain it from a non license LTC/FID holder or non dealer. Let’s break it down... Any resident of the commonwealth who purchases or obtains a firearm, rifle or...
  5. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  6. WWII Vet-No Family to Attend Funeral-Lawrence

    Amazing turn out. The road leading to the cemetery was stop & go traffic. People were parking on the side streets and walking to the funeral. James McCue had no surviving family but he had an extended one today.
  7. WWII Vet-No Family to Attend Funeral-Lawrence

    I’m pretty local to that area and will attend
  8. Monadnock Rod and Gun - We Need Your Help

    Done...sent payment via PayPal
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