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  1. Looking for thoughts on hot loads in an AR10

    Tagged for interest as I had a plan with the same objective. I now realize that an adjustable gas block will not be optional. My standard configuration is way overgassed for 178s with common .308 powders.
  2. Tennessee fugue

    While Asheville is a decent enough town to visit and has an easy in / easy out airport, it is definitely infested with moonbats, a small pocket of blue in a sea of red. Get outside the town and county and it's great. I'm about an hour south of there.
  3. n.h. ez pass extortion

    As responsible citizens, we must do our duty despite any personal cost. If enough people would challenge them every time they do stupid things, it will not stop them from doing stupid things but the cursed machine would grind to a halt. I once got the same letter for going through an EZ-Pass...
  4. Forgotten Weapons "The Worst AK I have Ever Seen"

    Khyber Pass School of Gunsmithing online course.
  5. Nominations for worst TV commercials

    Some things are beyond the realm of human knowledge. But they intend to find out.
  6. Negative contact with foreign officials

    I was filling up my truck with gas while on my cell when the guy at the next pump started screaming, "Get off your phone! You could blow us all up! It's dangerous!" He had a decidedly strong British accent. I asked him if he was the cell phone police and his jaw dropped but no words came out...
  7. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Remember when the hurricane was about to blow through and you chose then to stock up on tarps, duct tape, twine and a couple extra shovels because nobody would be suspicious? Just answering for a friend.
  8. Somebody really F'd up this morning!

    On impulse I picked up a Sportster. A friend's neighbor was selling it with 400 miles on the odometer. The very first day I had it out, three people almost killed me because they were just stupid.
  9. Mob of teenagers kick police officer and drag him across the floor after he challenged them for flouting lockdown rules in park

    What is wrong with those Brit hooligans. Haven't they been properly indoctrinated in government schools that their proper place in society is as a subject, not a citizen? They don't have any rights. Their's are only those privileges their masters haven't thought to withdraw. Wherever do they get...
  10. Hunting Tarantulas on the Turquoise Trail

    This story has a way of bringing us back to our childhood - and burning ants with a magnifying glass.
  11. 5/15/20 - Could be a big SCOTUS announcement

    A tax assessed upon a right is repugnant to the Constitution. 1965 Supreme Court decision Harman v. Forssenius. Those weren't their words but that was their reasoning. A man who cannot be trusted with a gun cannot be trusted without a custodian. Chief Justice Earl Warren (in the school...
  12. South Carolina Man Sentenced to 78 Months in Prison For Trafficking 25 Handguns into New York City

    Meh, this has got nothing on the Florida Man thread. On a serious note, to put this into perspective a US citizen was sentenced to be locked into a steel and concrete cage for six-and-one-half years followed by permanent second class citizenship for the crime of doing exactly what the highest...
  13. I made a first time posting on Armslist. Oh boy, people don't read!

    A simple reply saying that you already have that niche covered or that you just don't have any interest will suffice. Don't get to bent out of shape about it. You never know when someone is going to tempt you with something you didn't know you really needed or when some particularly motivated...
  14. Modified case

    SAAMI cartridge specification is 1.4596-1.4666. The factory modified case should fall anywhere within that range. SAAMI chamber specification is 1.4636-1.4736. Your fully expanded case should fall somewhere within that range. That leaves a range of 0.014". In my rifles, I want to know closer...
  15. Modified case

    What you are trying to get is an accurate measurement of bolt face to where the ogive contacts the lands in your chamber. Unless the modified case has the exact same case head to shoulder dimension as a fully expanded case from your chamber, you're going to be a little off (but people have been...
  16. Modified case

    For not too much money, you can send a fully expanded case from your chamber to Hornady and they will modify it for you.
  17. Options to haul a trailer back from South Carolina?

    He didn't just make that up. They actually do call it that. I was surprised after I moved down to find that SC has a homicide rate seven times higher than NH! 6.9:100k in SC vs. 0.9:100k in NH. And to think that some people question whether I'm paranoid when they learn I carry.
  18. SAF sues Cherokee County (and probate judge), in Georgia

    That's what is to be expected when a right is deconstructed and converted into a privilege to be arbitrarily granted or withheld. That should be the issue before the court.
  19. Police encounter

    Any cop just hired into a new town should make it a priority to learn the roads. She might have been doing just that. It might take a few months to get enough slow shifts to be able to do that. The ones that don't are the ones calling for backup without knowing where they are.
  20. TDS Fiber Gigabit in NH

    I work for an ISP that is the last mile in some areas but a CLEC in others. For an address to validate, it must be an exact match to an address already in their system. The state is standard with the two character code according to the USPS. Usually the city is in as an exact match but if it's...
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