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  1. 2009 Scarborough, ME - Rifle Match Schedule

    2009 High Power Rifle Schedule May 2 Mauser/Springfield Match A 100, 200 and 300 yd. 75 rds, no sighters, human silhouette target Limited to bolt action Mauser or WW1 type rifles (Enfield, Sprngfld, etc.) May 17th Beginners match A 200, 300, and 600 yd. approved National Match Course...
  2. BIP (Build In Progress) w/pics

    The stripped lower is considered the firearm. MassMark, I've had good luck with the Bushmaster barrels. I've used a couple of them, I just wish I had the $$ available when they did a run of 1:7 twist barrels. The two I've built using theirs are 1:9 and shoot very well.
  3. Stupid AR question

    You need #92 & #93 on Midways schematic Be careful not to crush or bend the spring on reassembly.
  4. Dirty Harry + M1 Garand = ...

    In the early 80s I had a '73 Gran Torino Sport w/ a Cleveland. That was a fun car, wish I still had it.(although I couldn't afford to feed it now) Learned a lot working on that car as well. Bob P, I know what you mean about the colors, mine was listed as Medium green gold metalic... after 10...
  5. These AR mags any good - 30 rd for $3.00

    No returns AND would raise enough flags for me. Also I'm not familiar with the manufacturer. The body looks a bit like the pro-mag steel mags that were terrible.
  6. Corrosive 30-06?

    From what I recall the Danish was not corrosive. It was also very accurate ammo out of my '03. It is berdan primed so reloading isn't a viable option though.
  7. New caliber - .327 Federal Magnum

    The SP101 in .32 H&R turned out to be a perfect revolver for my wife, small frame size with a 4" barrel. This would be a nice upgrade for her if she wanted something with a little more punch. Everyone has different needs LR.
  8. Beer drinkers sue to stop InBev-Bud merger

    "panther piss" would be a step or two up from Bud.
  9. Maine Service Rifle Championship

    I'll be there for both. I'll see if I can improve my rapids this time.
  10. Anyone familiar with the Hampden Rifle and Pistol Club in Maine?

    Great Club. Here's a link to their site:Hampden Rifle & Pistol Link to the contacts. Contact info
  11. Any Maine Reciprocity News?

    I haven't heard anything yet. Hopefully someone else will chime in if there have been any updates.
  12. Is FC Headstamp .223 brass OK to load?

    I don't personally have any experience with it, but the topic comes up a lot. On other forums as well. There were some more extensive threads around but I couldn't find them at the moment. FC Brass thread on Arfcom
  13. Upper arrives for NES build! Bannified pics added

    As he said in his post. MA ban laws should be taken care. Looks like a nice upper. That's the same type of upper I used when I put together a rifle for my wife. CD
  14. Another One Bites The Dust!!

    Congratulations Brent! Looks like it was a great day.
  15. 222 Rem and 222 Rem magnum

    I have a friend who has a .222 Rem (not the Magnum). Let me know what you'd like for them & I'll check with him.
  16. What’s a decent beard, mustache trimmer? . . .

    I've got a Norelco that I've had for 6 years or more. Only problem I've had with it was the rechargeable NiCd battery failed a couple of years ago; soldered a new one in & it's been fine ever since.
  17. Mayor exonerated.....

    This might work for the M1A. Would probably need to be stored with the mag out though. May also require a few mods to the clamshell. I found one on sale a couple of years ago & it works well for the shotgun. If I get a...
  18. AR-15 Barrel Installation

    It's worth checking and it's short money to prevent an accident. Any manufacturer can make a mistake when reaming the chamber in the barrel.
  19. Maine Gun Shops I'd skip that one for the time being. I haven't heard anything else since the article.
  20. Maine State IDPA Championship 11 October 2008

    Unfortunately we're not quite in the frontier, So. Maine is pretty busy.:) As for places to stay there are many options close to the range. Several hotels near the Maine Mall. A Samlping Scarborough Fish & Game is just south of that clump of hotels on Holmes Rd. There is also a new Comfort...
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