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  1. AR Pistol?

    There are Cali bullet button kits like the FNGR and've got the Maglock as well. I just use the Mean Arms Mag lock.
  2. Wearing a mask while carrying

    Some of the stuff we worry about in this state regarding firearms is both comedic and pathetic. Never once did I think whether or not it was illegal to CCW while wearing a a covid special mask until I saw this thread and in the end, still doesn't matter lol.
  3. Steel vs brass 300 blackout

    I've actually been quite content with the accurancy of Tula 55. Out of my DD MK18 10.3 1/7 (which is not ideal for 55 anyways), I have no problem consistency making hits on a 3 inch and 6 inch AR500 plates at 100 yards with my XPS2 no magnification, both benched and offhand (prone, kneeling and...
  4. Steel vs brass 300 blackout

    I've never used steel in my 300 blkout only because I only use subs and I do not think there is a load out there that is steel cased subsonic. I've always used steel in my 223/556 rifles along with brass. Only after about 5,000 or so rounds without a cleaning did the bolt in my 10.3 get stuck...
  5. Aero A4E1 Complete Uppers sold out everywhere? Can't find anything. Tips?

    Optics Planet has them to purchase - just a 4 to 6 week wait. Nevermind, looks like they don't have the 16" Keep an eye out on ARFCOM EE; a few Aero M4E1s complete 16s have been sold over the last few weeks.
  6. Things getting real in St. Louis - Armed Lawyer couple keeps BLM at bay

    Yea that's not what happened though. The mob was marching back from the occupy protest at Maryland/Euclid intersection. In the video, you can see the main "protest group" making its way north up Kingshighway Blvd, when a smaller group purposely broke off and intentionally smashed down the gate...
  7. Things getting real in St. Louis - Armed Lawyer couple keeps BLM at bay

    I see no problem with the couple's finger discipline. If I were them, I would most definitely be in the mindset of "I am prepared to shoot what I am pointing my rifle at, so my finger stays right here on the trigger". Neither one of them were stacking up or clearing tightly confined quarters...
  8. Things getting real in St. Louis - Armed Lawyer couple keeps BLM at bay

    LOL boy that was a stupid flub! yes that is what I meant.
  9. N-PAP problems

    My EAA PAP had an issue with OP ammo and the guide ramp...I had to polish the ramp down and now it works flawlessly with whatever I run through it.
  10. AR single stage trigger recommendations?

    ALG QMS or ACT with Kaw Valley Precision reduced power spring.
  11. Where to find Pre 1994 MA legal 20+ round AR-10 mags?

    When building my DPMS/KAC pattern AR308, I did my own research regarding SR25 mags. A rep from KAC said that if the mag is a waffle version or a smooth version has 4 rivots in the front, it is definitely pre 94. They also said if the mag has the 2 fold overs and welded on the edges and with KAC...
  12. Things getting real in St. Louis - Armed Lawyer couple keeps BLM at bay

    Looks like those 2 got a good hard look at the rich and vibrancy the voted for.
  13. Things getting real in St. Louis - Armed Lawyer couple keeps BLM at bay

    No shit...this thread has outed the cuck Mass gunowners who probably also put a trigger lock on their lower when they are cleaning it LOLOL
  14. New Yorkers shoot fireworks at each other in wild video

    They think that shit is bad? Wait until we start getting closer to the 4th July weekend with all the cancellations for festivities ... it's gonna be straight up
  15. Target Sports Delivering Again

    I knew I should have bought the S&B 300BO 200 grain shit for 14 a pop when it came back in stock ... 😥
  16. Black man, 33, shot in Seattle's CHAZ claims shooting was a 'hate crime' by 'members of the KKK or Proud Boys'

    This is like, what, the 5th "KKK/white supremacist" incident in the last week? Funny, we haven't heard about the KKK in like 20 years prior to George Floyd.
  17. Hingham man gets the full popo and metlec swat visit after posting on social media

    So does that make us the Deplorables of the 2A world? [dance][troll]
  18. Do Universal Background Checks Prevent Gun Violence?

    No. To me, even the Federal 4473 background check shouldn't be something mandated by the Govt; esp for a constitutional right. It should be up to the FFL themselves if they want to run background checks.
  19. PSA: iS It pRe HEaLY?

    Agreed. i can't fault anyone for selling "post healey" ban lowers for the prices they can get, just as I can't fault someone for paying that price. It is either that or you find an FFL who has no qualms about selling or transferring in a "post healey" ban lower at non Mass premium prices.
  20. PSA: iS It pRe HEaLY?

    Yup you got it. Healey doesnt care about the end user. She was trying to scare FFLs from selling ARs and AKs under the threat of shutting them down. The last thing Healey wants to do is bring an end user to court under her "law" and watch it get thrown out for not being law.
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