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  1. I can get behind this.. stop traffic stops.

    At least the current Truck Team troopers appear to meet physical standards. Some of those “grandfathered” registry cops really filled out a jumpsuit.
  2. I can get behind this.. stop traffic stops.

    If you were the only car on 128, why were you in the left lane?
  3. Vertical locking wall mount for long guns

    This Hornady Rapid Safe comes in rifle versions too. Opens by key, keypad and RFID.
  4. Gravel driveway question

    Similar to the crusher run mentioned above, I use recycled concrete. It packs quite well but still drains excellent, looks like crushed stone (without the tire plowing that stone does) and is a bit cheaper than stone products.
  5. STEN Build: strictly amateur

    Inci Incidentally, it was your buddy John Harty doing the shooting.
  6. STEN Build: strictly amateur

    Mine is quite accurate. I use it in carbine matches where 20 yards is probably the max. I let a buddy shoot it and he ignored the close targets and started ringing steel at 100 yards.
  7. Worst gun ever

    Carcano 91/24. Keyholes every single round. Hysterically bad.
  8. Has anyone here ever built a Sten?

    I’ve run mine in IDPA and USPSA so I didn’t want to underload. The Tapco mags drop free as well. The steel ones need a tug.
  9. Has anyone here ever built a Sten?

    Tapco made the mags for Masterpiece Arms. They work so much better than standard Sten or Indian mags. The Brit mags, when loaded to capacity jam because the rounds wedge in the mag. Brass rails added to the Indian ones were supposed to stop it but I’ve still had them wedge.
  10. Sheered off my Dan Wesson scope base screws today

    To nice a pistol to try doing a hack job.... Best to get it to a pro and do it right. It’s only a hack job if you’re a hack.
  11. Has anyone here ever built a Sten?

    I made a Mk2 SBR (stamped) because I can’t stand 16” barrels on sub-guns. Indy Ordinance bolt and tube, rest of the parts from a demil kit. I salt blued it myself, but if you glass bead it before the salt bath, it’s close to Park looks wise.
  12. Sheered off my Dan Wesson scope base screws today

    There’s enough sticking up that you could cut a slot with a dremel and back them out with a flat head screwdriver.
  13. Pre Healey

    I’ve been shooting my whole life. But always on private property with friends. It took joining a club and the action shooting community to meet the people you’re talking about. You also have to remember that within the firearms community there are divisions as to what should be legal. Just...
  14. God hates boats

    Jesus was a carpenter. His buddies were fishermen. Even Jesus knew not to buy a boat.
  15. Are you "Essential" and why?

    I build and maintain fueling facilities. Retail, municipal and marine. I work no matter what’s going on.
  16. AR-15 thread... I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    My most recent addition.
  17. Opinion: I think Massachusetts is going to conduct an anti-gun overreach resulting in non compliance and nullification

    I remember. But that was Watertown. Trying that shit where the houses aren’t that close together won’t fly. Slightly unrelated anecdote: My neighbor across the street is a 70yo woman that lives alone. A car went off the road into her side yard. She called 911 and as the first cruiser got...
  18. Let’s see your conceal carry holsters

    MK Tek for me as well. He’ll spend as much time as you need to set up a combination that works for you. He said my clip/strap preference is unusual, but that gun and holster take a beating and stay put. Not sure where you are, but he’s in Rockland MA.
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