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    Love bucks whittler,Muskrat and four dot 110
  2. New Acquisitions July 2019

    got a new Desantis holster for riding ATV'S
  3. S&W Bodyguard biggest POS of all time

    Never a problem with mine,I bought it in 2015 over 2000 rounds.
  4. Maine House Rejects "Stand Your Ground" Bill

    Republicans in Maine have too get off there lazy azzes and vote these libtards out of office!!!!!
  5. Firearm prohibition activist tells Maine legislators to enact more firearm laws

    Oh ya screw miss Hogg.He wasn't a survivor..
  6. Firearm prohibition activist tells Maine legislators to enact more firearm laws

    And we'll buy you a nice brown Carhartt jacket then release you in the deep dark Maine hunting wood on the last week of deer season.Bettch ya don't make it out aliveo_O:D
  7. Can you shoot in your back yard?

    Yes BUT the snowflake from New Jersey doesn't like it:eek:all I did was point south:p
  8. What did you do to your firearm today.

    Took'em out for a little winter exercise
  9. How I hide my 1911 in my Tacoma.

    Wow I just don't know what to say about telling the world where to hide a 1911 in a taco:eek:
  10. EDC! Show Us Yours!

    P Here's mine as of lately.Case 18 in stag and a LCR .38spcl
  11. NH Ammo and Gun Ban Public Hearing Feburary 13th at 1PM!

    MA$$.. North..Same with Maine but it's all the sea coast,Sebago Lake and Moosehead Lake....
  12. New Acquisitions January 2019

    For me I got a Remington 870 magnum,Ruger LCP .38+P with a Magtech IWB
  13. New Aquisitions December 2018

    Gut back in the snubby game today with a Ruger LCR .38 spcl +P and a Remington870 magnum for the birds and yotes.

    Bucks love'em

  16. Maine Governor Race

    A lot of us blue collar workers in Maines first district are voting for Moody !!!Portland holds a lot of out of state transplanted residents...........They bring to us what they ran from in other states..
  17. BG380 Dropping Mags While Shooting

    Adjust your grip.
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