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  1. WTS LT275/60r20 BFG AT KO2. Barely used Set of 4

    LT275/60r20 BFG AT KO2. This is the stock tire size on the Ram 1500 big Horn. They came off a 2016. Load range D for 1500 trucks. 2500 and 3500 trucks use load range E. Set of 4, barely used. $1000 new 2000 miles or so before I traded truck in and kept tires. My current truck is a tundra...
  2. WTS Tony Maja EZ Outrodders

    Set of aluminum "Outrodders" for trolling. Located in Grafton, MA $100 obo Will trade for gun stuff, optics, freshwater fishing stuff etc.
  3. WTS Rytera AlienX bow package.

    Due to a shoulder injury I am selling my AlienX bow. Rytera Alien X View: It's a 2009 Rytera AlienX. 60# limbs set to a 29" draw length that is user adjustable. The bow is light, fast, smooth and quiet. Super easy to draw a pleasure to shoot...
  4. Savage B.Mag Anyone else have one?

    I had been looking at the B.mag for a while, I'm a big fan of the .17hmr and was pretty interested in the .17WSM. I picked up the newer SS bull barrel version a few months back and have been less than impressed. Plastic stock was a POS (not a big deal, cheap gun, cheap fix) and the barrel...
  5. Delete please

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  6. RMV doccument issues?

    Anyone having issues receiving documents from the MA RMV? I renewed my reg 6/21, did not get stickers or paper reg... Called 8/23 to find out what was up, was told 5-10 business days. As of yesterday still did not get anything. Called again and am told I have to pay $25 for a dupe reg...
  7. M&Pc stipple work

    I just had some work done to my 9c by WeaponWorx. They are out of AZ, I know I should support a local shop but this guy does some great work and thinks outside the box. I'm pretty happy with it... what do you think?
  8. Win a AR stripped lower!

    Final hours push on these fundraisers. For those who missed the Karma forum posts... Support GOAL and Comm2a. Links in my Sig, READ and follow instructions, winners picked this weekend.
  9. Canned Spam fresh from the white house

    Got this in my junk mail folder today... blah blah blah blah Though I think this is the first time I have seen them state that there is a problem in Chicago.
  10. Coyote AR build ideas?

    I am going to be building a dedicated Coyote/varmint AR... I have a general idea, 18"-20" cant decide on stainless or other options, Muzzle device?, Lightweight-ish, 1/7" Twist for a heavy round. Probably a Ace stock or A2. I have a Magpul PRS in FDE but I think that may be too heavy for...
  11. North Grafton Fish an Game Club

    I was a member with my Father about 17 years ago or so... Now Im back in the area, looking now at the website it seems to be closed to new members. I would like to get back in if possible... Anyone have any info on this?
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