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  1. Transfer question

    Howdy folks, sorry I haven't been around much. Life is pretty busy and unfortuantely shooting has taken a back seat for now. Anyways, I have a question for you MA residence in the know. I'm trading to a guy some auto parts for an M4 clone that is registered in MA. What does he have to do to...
  2. Looking for a recipe

    Need loading data for Speer Gold Dot 155gr using either Bullseye or Unique. Seems Speer is pretty cheesy at giving out reloading data and my last Speer reloading book doesn't list S&W .40 Anybody got a good stable load I can use?
  3. Bulgarian AK-74 side folder build

    Stay tuned... + This one I'm going to a build party in PA as I'm attempting to bend my own receiver and all that.
  4. List your setups!

    Got me curious, whats everybody running? Me? RCBS Rock Chucker Jr. 5005 scales Old RCBS drum tumbler Powder dump (But I mostly hand measure each load on the scale) Pretty much got my setup from my old man. He had it in the garage for 20 years. A wet garage. We sorted it all out at...
  5. FYI

    I know alot of people like to load up with Sierra's. I thought I'd just post up and let everybody know about Berger Bullets. Walt Berger has got to make some of the finest bullets on the market. Extremely accurate in flight and virtually flawless. Check out his site at
  6. The Big E

    Anybody going this weekend (Mar 12/13)? I'm debating it.
  7. AK Rommie build

    Currently building a Rommie underfolder. So far just collecting parts and trying to get the heaven to betsy! rivet out of the trunion! Will post pick of the in progress!
  8. Sweet! I get to post first!

    Anywho, I asked for this forum just incase their are any builders out there! Post up!
  9. High Power at NFGA

    Coming this spring at the Nashua Fish & Game. High power shoots every Thursday and Saturday mornings. This is a 600 yrd range with 15+ lanes. This will be my second year doing it and it is open for all on these 2 days. See ya there!
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