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  1. Killer Elite Porcupine Round

    Did obligatory search..... Negative. Porcupine must die. Options include .22LR, 9mm, 38, 357, 45, 223/556, 30-06, 12GA.......shovel. Would like to dispatch him quickly/ cleanly. Do not want to follow him around shooting him repeatedly while he tries to waddle away in pain and fear. Also...
  2. King of Random Will Not Be Down....

    Never posted one of these threads before. Did a search, didn't find anything about it...Hopefully not a dupe. Grant Thompson died in a paraglider crash Monday. Sucks. Seemed like a good guy. He is one of my 10-year-old son's internet heroes. RIP King of Random.
  3. Another "What Gun Should I Buy? Thread... With a Twist

    The twist: I want to buy my 9-year-old his first handgun for Christmas. Got his first .22 rifle at 7 years old and is a good shot, and is as responsible as a kid can be. He is a better shot with airsoft pistols than his 20 year-old brother (so says the 20 year-old.) He's asking for a handgun...
  4. Smoke Detector/CO Certificate

    Seeking opinions/advice from the Brain Trust.... Selling a three-decker in Mass. Owned for 13 years. Maintained it but no "renovations" or changes to the structure during my ownership. Hardwired smoke/CO detetctors in hallways, basement, 2 in each unit, but not in the bedrooms. City tells...
  5. Timber Harvesting

    Hey All: Is there a preferred time of year to conduct a timber harvest in Massachusetts? (WRT weather, soil condtions, understory etc.) Or is the return the same no matter when you do it? Any input/ advice much appreciated. (Did obligatory search and found no relevant posts.)
  6. Winchendon

    Please tell me about Winchendon, MA. Who lives there? What do they do there? ( I did "search".... 161 threads reference Winchendon but none really explained what the town and the people there are like.) Thanks.
  7. Dogs vs Turkeys

    What would happen if 2 good-sized, strong, fast dogs got to mix it up with some wild turkeys? Would the dogs get hurt? Or would it be Turkey Dinner time? Serious question.... I grew up in the inner suburbs of Boston.... Know nothing about behavior of wild animals.
  8. DUI Lawyers

    Was just reading DUI and LTC thread and didn't want to hijack it. Extensive discussions here about good firearms attorneys. (Plug: Jason Guida helped me get my restrictions lifted, and later steered me to excellent lawyers when we battled my wife's evil, psycho ex-husband) DUI and LTC...
  9. American Indian Dog

    Hello All: Any NESer have one or have experience with the American Indian Dog breed? (Also called in the PC world Native American Dog) We are thinking of getting one and would like to hear owners' thoughts about them. Thanks. Tom
  10. Soil Samples?

    Hey All: I need to figure out if a hay field has been regularly fertilized in years past. How do I do that? Soil samples? If so, how do I get them analyzed? Thanks.
  11. Barre, MA

    Can you shoot on your own land in Barre MA unmolested by neighbors or LE? (Assuming you have enough land and appropriate backstop to do so safely.) Thanks.
  12. Which Lawyer?

    Hello All: I want to get my restrictions lifted. I've seen all the threads listing all the good firearms lawyers in Mass. I've never once seen a post where someone actually said "Attorney XXXX actually helped me get my restrictions lifted. Call him (her)." Why is that? Is it somehow...
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