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  1. Looking for a tile contractor in the Lowell area.

    I'm looking to get about 550 sq ft of tile replaced in the kitchen/foyer/half bath area of my house. The original tile was placed directly on the plywood sub-floor. This is something that should not have been done and I've had loose tiles and broken grout. I want to have a membrane, ie...
  2. 2016 Antlerless Deer Permits

    Everyone got their entry in by 7/16 for the drawing?
  3. Westford Sportmen's Club Feburary 2015 General Meeting Canceled.

    Trying to get the word out that the officers canceled the monthly general meeting for Monday Feb 2, 2015. Not sure yet if there will be a meeting before the March meeting. The building and grounds guys that clear the snow will be working on plowing the town's roads. We got 29" in the last...
  4. 2012 Mass Muzzle Loader Season

    It was quiet out in the woods this morning. Called in this doe and 2 skippers. Shot at ~24 yds. Ran uphill about 60 yds and dropped. Info on firearm: Traditions Pursuit LT Accelerator .50 Cal, 2-7x32 circle reticle scope, 250 grain SST smack-down copper sabot (.45), 150 grain charge.
  5. Acorns

    The last 2 years there were bumper crops of acorns. Last year I found it difficult to find deer since they did not have to go far to search for food. This year is starting to look like 2008 when there were very few acorns. The deer were eating the leaves off my bushes. The oaks in my area...
  6. Dunstable: Gun blasts, a woman nearly hit, and questions

    Stuff like this always irks me when a someone gets quoted that only the police are trained enough to handle firearms. --------------------------------------------------- Gun blasts, a woman nearly hit, and questions By Jack Minch, [email protected] Article Last Updated: 08/23/2007...
  7. My Son picked up his FID today!

    It's for the children. Alec picked up his FID today at the local PD. It took 5 weeks. He turned 15 in November. ps - we know that rifle in the picture doesn't qualify for FID. just a cool pitcure.
  8. Westford Sportsmen's Club

    I know that Ken Maurer posts here frequently as replies to what Westford Sportmen's Club offers, yet there is no topic post. Ken is the VP and I am the Secretary of the club. The club is located on over 200 acres on West Street in Westford, MA N42 35'54...
  9. Mass. spousal property ownership and guns

    Both my wife and I are LTC holders. We have been together a long time and have a lot of stuff that under Mass property laws we own together. Items like real estate and vehilces would be viewed as joint ownership, even if the deeds/titles were in just one parties name. The laws talk about...
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