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  1. Tower blind

    Let me know what works, I'm going to be doing something similar on my property.
  2. Tower blind

    Looks good, how are you elevating it? Front end loader?
  3. 2020 Fishing thread

    Nice Peter! I've never eaten small mouth before, I have to give it a try now.
  4. 2020 Fishing thread

    BBQ at Bob's house [cheers]
  5. Spring Turkey 2020

    That's awesome, congrats!!!
  6. You want to see a turtle?

    Looks like a softshell
  7. Spring Turkey 2020

    Congrats!!! Happy for you!
  8. 2020 Fishing thread

    That is awesome!
  9. 2020 Fishing thread

    Its what freedom looks like
  10. So I purchased a non res NH hunting license.....

    They are trying to get online turkey registration set up before this weekend's youth hunt.
  11. 2020 Fishing thread

    It's pretty heavy. I only bring it out if I have the kids or I'm going to be night fishing. It's not bad if I have the four wheeler to pull all the gear.
  12. Time Marches On - The best month for bass is one that many anglers overlook.

    BY DAVE ANDERSON MARCH 16, 2020 Pictured above: Prominent structure, situated perpendicular to a drastic depth change, often makes bigger bass easier to catch. This 5-pounder ate the bait just off the deep end of a fallen tree. March 23, 1994 Wednesday afternoon, sitting in pre-Algebra—by...
  13. How to Hunt Turkeys in Any Weather

    BY STEVE HICKOFF AUTHOR OF TURKEY BLOG WITH STEVE HICKOFFMARCH 12, 2020 Not every spring day is clear, calm and warm. In fact, those days are the exceptions. But never fear. Here's your guide to turkey hunting in any weather. Even in the worst weather conditions, turkeys are out there...
  14. 2020 Varmint thread

    A bit late on getting my 1st yote of the year.
  15. 2020 Fishing thread

    Got out yesterday with @xtry51 for some night walleye fishing.
  16. Pheasant season eve

    Thats awsome!
  17. FLIR shopping

    It's true. Not sure what effect it will have on the thermal scope market prices.
  18. Porcupines

    My lab will not mess with a live porcupine. If I bury a dead one she will dig it up and come back with quills in her face.
  19. PETA has convinced me to go coyote hunting

    Guy must have geese shitting in his yard as he doesn't seem to really care about the goose down.
  20. What’s your deer slug gun of choice? (Ma only)

    You're assuming every one hunting is a one time a year marksman. Zero their rifles in Sept, have one point of impact range, etc. I'll make sure I post pics of my next head shot. Head shots under 50 yards from a supported position are pretty easy. My rifle and I are cable of .75 MOA. I've...
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