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  1. Economics of buying or borrowing jig for lower?

    I'm trying to decide whether or not to buy a jig to machine an 80% lower, or ask around to see if someone loans them with a deposit. I would likely only be building two lowers, so I cant decide whether the extra expense is worth it. Any input from personal experience would be great. Is it...
  2. Looking for a slicer recommendation

    I would like to start having some uniform slices for making jerky and dehydrated sweet potatos for the dogs. I'm not looking for an heirloom. Price point is below $200. Thanks!
  3. Westworld

    I've been watching this since the pilot and its been wrapping my head in a pretzel. I got a pretzel in my head! I havent seen any other threads about it. Definitely enjoyed the golden orgy hall.
  4. There's a new Tractor Supply in Hanover

    It just opened on Saturday. Wanted those of you nearby to know. I picked up a safe there tonight. The people there are really friendly and sociable.
  5. WTS 1987 Boston Whaler Revenge 25 Walkthrough

    Overview: For sale is my 1987 Boston Whaler Revenge 25 Walk Through. It has twin counter rotating Johnson 225 hp motors mounted to a factory installed Whaler Drive. This is a great setup as it provides you with a larger deck and a closed transom. It also increases the water line, adding...
  6. I think it moved. The XM556 Microgun was designed and engineered around the 5.56mm NATO cartridge. This defensive suppression weapon is significantly smaller and lighter than it's big brother the M134. It was meant to stand in place of anywhere high suppressive fire...
  7. Anyone in the New Haven CT area? Missing Dog

    A good friend of mine had his family dog go missing after chasing some deer over the weekend while at a picnic. He and his family dont live in the area, so needless to say they are very upset and feel powerless. His name is Moose and he's a Staffordshire Terrier. Given the negative press...
  8. Today at Home Depot 24 Pack of water, $2 (limit 4)

    In case someone wants to add to their H2O collection and get ready for hurricane season.
  9. If you're looking for a giant antenna, there's a free one on the south shore

    Craigslist South Shore:
  10. WTB WANTED: Aluminum crutches and mountain bike rims

    I'm putting together a project for a friend's birthday and was hoping someone here would have these items available. I work in Milford and live in Hull, so anywhere along this route or area would be ideal. I'm looking for two sets of aluminum crutches, hopefully they will look the same...
  11. WTS Engine hoist, leveler and engine stand

    All in great shape. $150
  12. WTS Got an XC70? Want better sound and control on the road??

    With my upcoming move, I have come across some parts from my Volvo that I no longer have a need for since I sold it a few months back. These are all in great-excellent condition. Meyle Lower Control Arms: $200 Link...
  13. WTS Milemarker 9000# hydraulic winch

    I have a winch that was removed from my Land Cruiser over the winter and I would like to sell it. I dont believe I ever had it hooked up correctly, or more likely I didnt have a good enough power steering pump to provide enough flow and pressure to get it to work at peak performance. It works...
  14. WTS Volvo XC70 Alloy rims and Blizzak snow tires $500

    We all want to ignore it, but winter is coming. I have a set of 4 Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires with very good tread mounted on silver factory rims from an 06 XC70 that I would like to sell/trade. These were like cleats in the winter. I was never stuck or ever worried about not being...
  15. WTS 2 Dive Computers

    Both Sold. Please delete if necessary.
  16. Archangel Stock for M1A / M14

    I just received this stock for my M1A in OD green yesterday. It took some fiddling to get the trigger group to lock in to the receiver, but I didnt have to remove any material to get it to fit. It is a very tight tolerance fit, but that is intentional. Overall, I'm really pleased with it...
  17. Consistently getting Flashplayer Redirects after clicking on threads.

    30-40% of the time I click on a link, I get a new tab opening up that is redirecting me to install a new version of Flash Player. I'm running the up to date version of Chrome. These are the two I've come across just this morning and have added them to my Ad Block folder...
  18. Overkill defined.

    North Korea executes defense chief with an anti-aircraft gun: South Korea agency That sure is one way to do it.
  19. GSG-522: Fun range toy.

    I picked one up from GunBroker two weeks ago and finally had some time to play with it yesterday at the range. Its a 2nd Gen I guess? It still has the HK foregrip, but has the little nubbies on the lower grip. It is a really fun rifle. Its hard to call it a rifle though. Its very light and...
  20. Renewed

    Please update my acct. Thanks
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