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  1. Incoming Boston mayor, police clash over AR-15 proposal

    If law abiding citizens of Boston can't own them... not sure I have a problem with the police not owning them.
  2. "Safe" Gun Options for Children in the Home

    I wondered that as well. Seems like the OP is back tracking a little on the demands of his fiancé (probably due to the negative criticism).
  3. "Safe" Gun Options for Children in the Home

    Yes sir! Another point is that she is okay with you not being able to protect yourself and your family when you are outside the residence (if you only have a shotgun). You need to resolve these issues before children come into the picture... Things become more complicated then.
  4. "Safe" Gun Options for Children in the Home

    Truth! I have been married before (I am remarried now), and my first wife forbid me to get a gun at all... You may think that it is just because she is worried about future children, but it is a bigger sign she is showing... A sign that emotion overrides common sense... Not trying to be a...
  5. Asshats Like This Make Us All Look Bad

    Problem is anyone can call in your plate (even if did nothing, but the other person doesnt like a move you made) and say it looks like you pointed a gun at them. Even if you didn't point a gun at all, or even make eye contact. If the police find you have a LTC, you are assumed guilty... Pulled...
  6. NAA Sidewinder Range Report

  7. 1911 grip first try

    Nice work!
  8. Two dead after 3D printer jams while printing gun.

    Seems like a fake story...
  9. 2nd amendment debate streamed live from NYC 6:45PM 11/14

    I am gonna use that in my sig!
  10. Police body camera - Shooting during 209A call

    I agree if it is 1 cop and the perp has 2 hands available. Your odds are better when the perp is on his back with one hand available and 3+ police officers ready to move.
  11. Police body camera - Shooting during 209A call

    I agree. I thought the sign would add some humor to the situation.
  12. Police body camera - Shooting during 209A call

    I blame it on this sign not being posted:
  13. Police body camera - Shooting during 209A call

    Probably the reason why he shot the hostage too. There used to be a time back in the day when a perp holding a knife in one hand with a hostage would have been over powered (especially since he was laying on the bottom) by the cops. Cops are quick to shoot these days... based on all the...
  14. 1911 questions re: parts and service

    Where are you located Quiet? I am on the South Shore and could show you how to properly tear it down, clean it, and do a few tweaks to improve it if desired.
  15. Murdered Caspian Recon Build

    Lou, you will be getting my business on my next build. Your attention to detail is tops.
  16. Gun grabbers are getting desperate.

    Just applied for my NRA Visa card thanks to that site :)
  17. Official 1911 Pic Thread...

    Sharp looking!
  18. Gun owner? You must be a white racist

    for the Author of that article:
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