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  1. Transfer Question

  2. Transfer Question

    Simple question , do you need you pin number when doing a transfer at a MA dealer.? I have not done a transfer before only bought new from a dealer.
  3. New Indirect Water Heater

    Great product and company. Also I believe they are made in MA. I have installed there products and have not had any issues .
  4. Need a gunsmith

    Thanks for the info I will call today. Smokey - Seven it is a charles daly made by miroku in japan.
  5. Need a gunsmith

    I have a over/under 12 gauge that will not fire the top barrel (sometimes ) and when I closed the gun after it did not fired it went off. Are there gunsmiths that specialize in shot guns? I live just south of Boston. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  6. 2013 white tail hunting pictures and experiences.

    I will be, going after this guys father
  7. 2013 white tail hunting pictures and experiences.

    I shot my second deer with a bow yesterday. I saw a total of 5, 3- does 2 bucks. Shot one of the bucks a small 8 point. He only went 40 yards and piled up in sight ! It was a great morning. Bruins7390- if you can stand having a cold hand have your hand on your bow all the time and leave the bow...
  8. Chevy/GMC Dealer in Southeast Mass

    Robertson GMC is very good also .
  9. Lets see your 2013 Bow setups

    Matthews Helium 28" draw 60 lb draw weight
  10. Surfcasting Bag?

    have you looked at the Surfcaster catalog? They have very good quality bags. I have the 5 compartment bag and it is great. It is 12 years old and still works fine.The Surfcaster - Rods, reels, lures, and equipment for the serious surf and inshore fisherman
  11. 15-17 foot ladder stands

    I have killed a few deer out of that type of stand ,but they can be noisy. Also if you are on public land other people will be using them .
  12. Looking for a new bow ...

    I bought a Heli-m from Reedys last year and I love it. If you have the money to spend, you will not be disappointed. Did you go to the new shop? If so how was it?
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