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  1. MA LTC Interview

    It sounds to me like there are some people, who feel like they are being persecuted, that are lashing out at someone whom they may feel were part of the persecuting group. I agree that everyone should be equal, get the same treatment as everyone else, and have to wait in line until it is their...
  2. Show me your carry

    Option#1 Taurus PT709 Slim - 9MM Option#2 Ruger LC9s w/LaserMax green - 9mm Option #3 Colt Mark IV/Series'80 Government Model 380 Auto
  3. Free Association

    Time Lord

    Wrote in Scott Lively for Governor, Not Baker, Not Dem. Might help get him out. I even convinced my 2 roommates (Wife and Daughter both reg. dems.) to NOT vote for Fauxcahontas! (My wife hates that name and Pocahontas put to Warren. You should see her indignant 31% Native American scowl!)
  5. Free Association

    Bird Testie
  6. Personal Security After Winning The Lottery

    ^This NES lifetime membership, Patron Membership in GOAL, Upgrade NRA membership to Patron . . . Move to a free state
  7. Personal Security After Winning The Lottery

    I certainly would not quit my job . . . . right away . . . . There are too many people there I want to piss off.
  8. The 2nd Senatorial Debate 7pm Sunday, Oct. 21

    Again, What do you want to lose, Your Job or your house . . . . A hard choice, but I think Diehl will be better than "Part time Warren" who is obsessed with "anything but Trump". At least he say he is for the people of Massachusetts and Warren is for herself. On a side note, the Pocahontas...
  9. Who are you supporting for Governor of MA? See poll.Vote!

    Seriously! Do not throw away your vote, Write in Scott Lively for Governor . . . write in the silly one for Polito.
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