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  1. WTF is "Take a look" Ads all over the site???

    No, did you read my post?
  2. Tapatalk

    Look it up, Xenforo 2, it has a mobile skin. I can tell you right now there will never be tapatalk on this forum again. It's a Chinese run company and the application needs direct access to the DB, why so many forums continue to use it is beyond me. I'm sorry I can't support tapatalk, it's...
  3. Tapatalk

    The Xenforo 2 upgrade will take care of mobile. No eta on the upgrade, probably this fall.
  4. Bump totals

    It's coming, it will be a time limit. Not matter what I set that limit to I will get "C U next Tuesday's" bitching about it. ;)
  5. Forum names

    Only because adults can't follow very easy instructions. Making them both one forum or similar names is like lowering the standards in school because there are morons who can't achieve B's or higher. I can't read every thread no do I see every thread. I move the ones I see when I see them...
  6. "new forum" missing features

  7. Classifieds bumping

    Does anyone here who has had to bump an ad, had a problem with actually bumping an ad? I see 100 bumps a day, I just want to see if there is an issue.
  8. EXIF info in uploaded picture files?

    I'll look in to getting it.
  9. Adding links from Amazon SNAFU?

    Stop being a douche
  10. Permission?

    Enough already. If you have an issue with sHORTY you can speak with me.
  11. Cannot delete old inbox messages??

    That is delete
  12. Tapatalk

    Working on a better mobile solution Point37. Need some more time.
  13. Still waiting for a mobile app

    Still working on the mobile solution.
  14. Membership renewal

    It will extend your current expiration by 12 months.
  15. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    Those aren't pm's, they are profile messages. Like visitor messages on the old software. Those have always been public
  16. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    So how many versions of ios, andriod, chrome, I.E., safari, firefox, etc should new software support?
  17. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    For the last time, iTrader ratings are not lost. We are in the works of adding a mod that will bring them back. Guys I had 12 years of data, mods, software, etc. Any upgrade going forward isn't going to be easy, quick, or painless. We are still moving forward and will continue to do so, it's...
  18. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    Lead paint chips as a kid?
  19. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    @Bob P use chrome.
  20. OK, this is not OK. New forum freaks me out.

    That is another one I am working on.
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