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  1. Turkey hunting

    Just curious, are Toms more elusive/skittish than Hens? I have a lot of wild turkeys in my area but I never see any males? I know they've got to be around, otherwise the hens wouldn't last to long, but I never see them?
  2. New O/S purchase

    I just made my first o/s (out of state) purchase. I bought a Remington 870 at Kittery Trading Post. Do I have to file an FA-10 now to reg it in MA? Or is it already registered since I purchased it with a MA license? If I have to file an FA-10 can I download the form online somewhere?
  3. New shotgun/ammo question

    Okay, just picked up my first shotgun. Remington 870 Express Super Magnum, in RealTree Camo. Came with 3 chokes, mod, full and extra full. I later read that all 870 model barrels are interchangeable except on the Express Super Magnum. I was hoping to hunt deer with sabot slugs, but I thought...
  4. scope question

    I know they make all different scopes for different purposes, ie. long range/short range, varmint, ones for muzzleloaders, etc. But do they make scopes spec. for shotguns? Or do you usually put a rifle scope on a shotgun?
  5. Legal Shooting hours

    Hey, I saw this link in Cabelas' mag and thought I'd share it. Many may already be aware of it, but I'm sure there are some that will find it useful. In most areas, fall hunting usually starts 30 minutes before offical sunrise and 30 mins after official sunset. "Official" time is determined...
  6. lower recvr and FA-10

    Hey, I'm buying an extra stripped lower rcvr from a friend of mine. Do I need to fill out an FA 10 Form for this? I know you usually need an FFL to order one of these pieces so my understanding was yes on the FA-10 but wanted to dbl chk.
  7. Twist rate ?

    What is the difference between a 1:7 twist and a 1:9 twist? Besides for the obvious of one having a full twist in 7" and one in 9". I mean, what are the advantages/disadvantages? Does it effect the bullet?
  8. superior arms lowers

    Any use Superior Arms? I have an opportunity to get a stripped lower and was wondering how the quality is.
  9. gas piston vs carbine

    Okay, so I'm not with the gas system as opp to carbine. If I get an upper with a gas system, does this dictate the type of lower I need? Or does the gas system not effect the lower receiver?
  10. The Truth About Lead Contaminated Venison

    I found this article in Petersen's Hunting Mag and thought I'd share it with all. A study by the Centers For Disease Control found that hunters who eat venison shot with lead bullets do have higher lead levels in their blood than those who don't eat venison, but it is still WELL below...
  11. Parts Question

    First off sorry if this should be in the law section, wasn't sure as it applies to both law and building an AR. So I'm intersted in building my first AR. A lot of good points have been brought up that for a beginner (and I'm def a beginner), it's sometimes worth it just to buy a completed...
  12. AR-15 Question

    I'd really like to get myself an AR-15, shot my buddy's a couple weeks ago and loved it. Are all the new MA comp AR-15's 16" or can you get larger?
  13. .270 Win

    Is the .270 Win an acceptable cal for deer hunting?
  14. Mossberg shotguns?

    Hey, I'm in the market for a new (actually my first) shotgun. I was leaning towards the Remington 870 express combo (comes with the smooth barrel and a fully rifled barrel). However I was at Dick's yesterday and they had some Mossberg's on sale. I don't know much about Mossberg shotguns and...
  15. What choke do you use?

    What do you suggest for a choke for deer hunting? Full Choke? Or do I need something even tighter, like an Extra Full Choke?
  16. Hunting question

    Newb with a hunting question. Can you hunt with a rifle in MA? I've yet to get my hunting license (taking the course in a couple months), but a guy I know said you can only hunt bow, shotgun and blackpowder in MA... is this correct? If so, why the hell not!?
  17. Hunting License

    Does anyone know of anywhere in MA that they offer the hunter ed course on a weekend or consecutive weekends? I work a ways away from my house and don't get home until after 6:30, seems like all the classes I've seen start at 6?
  18. good reading

    Anyone who likes to read and likes books/tv shows like 24 should check out the author Brad Thor. In the past year I've really got into his books, main character is an ex-SEAL turned Secret Service. Fast paced books, and a great read, I have over an hour commute in each direction to work...
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