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  1. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    One of the Medcram follow up videos showed a study that drugs to reduce BP ('prils) had no statistical impact on getting/surviving the Wuflu. Earlier Medcram videos inferred that there could be an issue with more ACE2 receptors that would allow more entry points for the virus. again dis-proven...
  2. Strange low-flying CG plane

    getting in hours for qual
  3. Why Did Lowes Change Their Shopping Carriages ?

    I saw the dual basket model at the Lowe's in Lowell about 11 AM.
  4. WFH stuff: Bluetooth headset?

    I got the wife Beats Studio 3 when the WFH things went down in March. /thread
  5. Virus idiots

    Was she hot?
  6. Hot Tub options/opinions

    We got a Coleman/Intex inflatable hot tub in 2017. Really great for $349 via Walmart store pickup. We were not sure if we wanted to go the $3K+ route to begin with. We've thought about the ones that are made like coolers for the next one. The "heater" is a pump that pushes water thru a...
  7. Stow C.O.P. suspected of being a diddler...

    Town issued vehicle and cell phone. just extra special....
  8. So I purchased a non res NH hunting license.....

    @whacko cool for you. I hunted Zone K. They want to get rid of deer in M
  9. So I purchased a non res NH hunting license.....

    Muzzleloader for "any deer" is only the first few days, antlered after that. different zones have different number or no days on "any deer". Same for rifle. The number of "any days" will be posted later. archery is any deer season long. There are separate permits for zone M that allow...
  10. Stow C.O.P. suspected of being a diddler...

    I'll check back on in a few months to see if his wife Linda gets the house in the divorce...
  11. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    Gun, food, ammo, TP or Dick pics to 311-692
  12. What have you seen lately?

    ^ Bobcat. Here is one in my yard last week
  13. Monadnock & NES needs your help

    they lost an adverse possession case last year in land court
  14. george stephanopoulos' wife has covid-19

    back of the head. twice.
  15. My Five Favorite Movies

    Big Trouble in Little China is one of the 5. maybe Big Lebowski hard to settle for 5
  16. Best Dog Names

    I've known yellow labs named Honey and Budweiser.
  17. Classifieds

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