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    I had forgot about him adding to the forms. 20 years from now when somebody mentions his name there will be a funny story to go with it. A friend reminded me of the fun Mass and New Hampshire State police we met when riding the bikes and what nice penmanship the little prick had.

    TD bank sucks! They are horrible to the employees and that's why you don't see many that have been there years. They drive the experienced people out or fire them that have earned benefits like vacation time out and replace them with short timers that they don't have to pay as well.
  3. buying ammo in fla and driving it back home.

    I have been looking in the Walmart in Lutz fl and really haven't seen any 22 in there at all. If they get some you can only buy one box at a time there.
  4. Smoking pot is bad for you !

    Wow, what a buzz kill. [smile]
  5. Update - Two people shot, one dead at movie theater in Florida -Suspect Retired Cop

    I remember on the news they played over and over how several cell phones went off during some high end opera in Boston and how terrible that was. I kept thinking is that news really more important than one of our boys in the military that lost his life defending us?
  6. Update - Two people shot, one dead at movie theater in Florida -Suspect Retired Cop

    I am living right down the street from there this winter and we were looking for a theater to go see the Hobbit and also wanted to see Lone Survivor. Today was 75 and sunny so we hung out in the pool and figured we would wait for a rainy day. Rain forecasted for tomorrow so we put it off. We did...
  7. Attorney sues Portsmouth police over gun license denial! We need to follow this case

    They didn't contact the people I put down either. I don't think they ever do. They had the numbers for 2 of them I know that for sure. I have had friends put me down and I never got a phone call even once and I am guessing they listed me about 12 times now.
  8. Attorney sues Portsmouth police over gun license denial! We need to follow this case

    They asked me to add phone numbers and it would go faster. I said that's ok I will put everything that was asked for on the state form and only what was asked for there. No phone numbers. I said I didn't mind waiting and would be by to pick it up in 2 weeks. It was there for me when I went back...
  9. Best route driving from NH to Fla with guns?

    I appreciate all the answers you guys gave. Anyone know of a list of the states you have to notify police if you have a gun on you? I saw a youtube video of a cop going nuts on a guy that tried and they wouldn't listen at first him trying to tell the cop he had a gun. This may have been Ohio...
  10. Best route driving from NH to Fla with guns?

    I won't be speeding if I am towing the trailer. I guess once I find a route I like then just rest the gps for one spot to another along the way. I hate to even drive through there because the last time I was forced off the highway against my will and all the crap started. Kind of like some of...
  11. Best route driving from NH to Fla with guns?

    Thinking of going to Florida and will be towing a small trailer with the bike on it. I am thinking of taking a handgun with me. Thinking about not going 95 and avoiding NYC and NJ and DC as well. May stop and stay with one friend in Virginia on the way and one in NC on the way back. I had...
  12. Car died, lost my job, anything else?.....><

    Dude be very careful or you will end up pregnant too. Sorry to hear sometimes the shit just decides to pile high on its own. Hang in there.
  13. High Standard Supermatic Trophy

    I have a pair of Supermatic Citation 102's. Shot one for the last 40+ years and still love it. There are old ones out there to be had. A friend bought one and it didn't feed right because of the magazines. If you check the distance on the mag lips they should be .230 and .185 once there they...
  14. I went to a certain "free" state today

    I don't know what your complaining about if it was really fair they would make you pay $100.00 a YEAR then take a day off from work to go apply for your license every year. After they did that not let you buy any ammunition you find even though they sold you the license.
  15. Son (saved by hospital) turns 1 !!!!!

    Great news. I had gone though some scary stuff with my kids when young as well but all turned out ok. It's hard to deal with when it's your kid. Good to hear things worked out well.
  16. Sears Auto sucks! Need some advice

    I had test drove a used Cadillac and we agreed to a price. They wanted to turn the rotors because it had a pulse in the brakes. When I went to take the car home only made it a block and drove it back in saying this is not the same car I test drove and I started pulling on the front wheel. The...
  17. what did you drive in High School?

    I rode one every night and one in the nice weather figure it out :)
  18. Important Hunter Harassment Info

    How fast do they go? We need to figure out how much to lead them. Guessing 2 feet would probably do it.
  19. what did you drive in High School?

    High School was good for me. That was back in 1971.
  20. Yes, Scott Brown Is Coming To NH

    Sounds like NES won't be collecting money for him this time huh? I am ashamed to admit sending him and McCain some money. Looking for a 12 step program now.
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