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  1. Antifa Threatening Suburbs Now

    How long is this guy going to have a job? Well said!
  2. 12V Auto Battery Recommendations

    We just had a thread a couple weeks ago about the same topic. I’m all for Wal-mart batteries. The biggest reason is you always get a fresh one. Wal-Mart moves so many batteries nothing stays on the shelf for long. They’re all tagged with the year and month of manufacture. Make sure you get the...
  3. ar15 80% build wizards : what would this total cost to for a gunsmith complete this project

    I was with you right up until your last sentence. A milling machine is the best option.
  4. I'm Out

    Congratulations. Make sure you take care of yourself. Some folks don’t and retirement becomes a lot shorter than you had planned. You got a lot of good years ahead of you make sure you don’t let yourself go.
  5. I was vandalized!

    I finally had to take it down because it started to rip and look real bad. Never had a bad look or any vandalism. My town did go Trump in 2016.
  6. WTS SK 3/4 Drive socket set w/ wrenches

    I copy and pasted this from the craigslist ad. This is a 3/4 drive SK socket set from 7/8 to 2-1/4 sockets and wrenches from 5/8—1-1/2. 1-3/16 is missing and 15/16 has been replaced with a craftsman wrench. There are 2 other Craftsman wrenches that are not replacements they are just additions...
  7. Let's talk hand tools

    40yrs of tool buying here. Mostly Snap-On Mac Matco Irwin Craftsmen Gear Wrench[mistake] and some of the lesser tools are Chinese.
  8. Solar Panels 2020. Which company, or not at all?

    I’m doing a lot of research on building my own system. The kid in the link below has forgotten more about solar than most of us will ever know. I‘m going to build my own lithium battery bank. It’s about half the cost of buying drop’ins but still the most expensive part of the build. This kid...
  9. Illinois Stripper Arrested While Carrying 18 Knives

    That girl has some real bad mental illness!
  10. Generator Question

    That’s a lot of generator for the price. Do you use the 240V outlet? If so let me know how it works out for you. The specs on your machine are very close to the Honda Eu7000is. The Honda is 4x the price and 2x the weight. I’ve been looking at a lot of generators. As I plan on retiring and moving...
  11. Two tone Dodge Ram Braintree T Station

    I’ve been watching some YouTube videos on trailer towing. Just watched a big three diesel 2020 model year towing test. 31000lb gross gooseneck with an excavator on the bed. The Ford with the 10 speed beat the Dodge up an 8 mile hill by over a minute and beat the GM by over two minutes. They say...
  12. WTS Norinco Type 56S-1 Underfolder. [AK-47 clone] Package (New Price)

    Location :Townsend MA Description :Norinco Type 56s-1 Underfolder. This rifle is from the early 1980s. Of course you cannot peg it down to an exact date as the Chinese military did not keep proper records. This is before any of the bans. Completely legal to transfer in Massachusetts. These are...
  13. Tornado Watch

    Lost power in Townsend again?
  14. Officer speaking the truth.

    I found the go fund me on my own thank you for your help. It’s only at 10 grand I don’t see these numbers you’re talking about? 10,167 to be exact when I looked at 20:45. This is the only GoFundMe I could find? Go fund me page
  15. Officer speaking the truth.

    do you have a link for the go fund me?
  16. 80%

    Thank you I feel better now. You’re most likely correct. You’re also most likely correct if I pointed a gun at my head and never pull the trigger the same would be true but I definitely wouldn’t do that either.
  17. 80%

    Call me overcautious, but I would never want to pull the trigger on that. I know there’s no firing pin but still I wouldn’t be messing with this with live ammo.
  18. Sheered off my Dan Wesson scope base screws today

    Try backing them out with a good sharp awl. If you don’t have one just sharpen up a piece of brazing rod or something like it to a fine point and try driving the screw counterclockwise with it. It’s worked for me many many times.
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