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  1. The person who hacked my credit card has a perverted sense of humor

    Sounds like an amazing NES "karma" opportunity!!
  2. I'm Out

  3. Little girls are very cute.

    We have all been flagged!
  4. So damned frustrated...How does one buy shoes during this covid debacle?

    Alec's in nashua is open. Amazing selection of quality footwear and amazing service! They put the shoes on for you!!
  5. Supermodel Stacey Abrams

  6. So I just blew my wifes mind!!!

    Thanks for sharing!! I'm gonna get some tonight!!
  7. SIG P320 compact legos....

    Thank you for your help!! Ordering mags immediately!!
  8. SIG P320 compact legos....

    Rub it in!! Lol. Thanks for the help!! I'll have to order up some 10 rounders then. And one more question...I picked up a full size slide and txg grip module with magwell. No FCU. will I need an extended base on the full size mags? To work with that setup. I will admit that it it all...
  9. SIG P320 compact legos....

    Just getting into trying to do something with my 320 legos! Picked up a compact and found out those magazines are not fitting in the wilson combat grip. Need full size magazines? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. SIG P320 compact legos....

    Delta point pro?
  11. Damn mice

    If you have vinyl siding, the outside corners are an amazing raceway up the side of a house and into an attic.
  12. New Pup

    Congratulations! Look at those bear paws!!
  13. The $399 "safe" thread

    No social distancing inside a gun safe
  14. I graduated law school!

  15. New to NES, New LTC holder looking for recommendations

    Awesome!!! We will have to hit up Harvard Sportsman's club and bang some steel plates!! As soon as guests are allowed of course.... Also, great review of Precision Point!
  16. Online hunter education courses?

    Also took texas hunter ed last year. First time hunter. No issues after
  17. New to NES, New LTC holder looking for recommendations

    Use the classic " dont you know who I am?". Haha
  18. New to NES, New LTC holder looking for recommendations

    Huge victory Trump2020!!! Hope that you can go get your handgun!! Congratulations!!
  19. An epic rant from a frustrated Mr. Silvestri! 🤣

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