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  1. In defense of gun stores

    I have read posts lately knocking gun shops for not being very helpful lately, especially with phone calls. We need to be a little more understanding with the shops. I can tell you that every shop that I have been to since the Sandy Hook incident has been packed to the gills with customers...
  2. LTC in Billerica asking for extra items on application

    A co-worker of mine has been trying to get his LTC in Billerica...he has everything except....are you ready for this????...........A DOCTORS NOTE!!! Billerica wants a note from his doctor stating that he is of sound mind to carry a gun...Being that his doctor is part of a big HMO his doctor told...
  3. Any attorneys or police officers on here?

    I need some advice.
  4. Looking for an apartment in New Hampshire

    Anyone know of an apartment that is available in Southern New Hampshire. It will be for me and my girlfriend. Studio, 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom wanted for $750 a month or less.
  5. Any lawyers or police officers on here??

    I need some general legal advice..
  6. SyFy Channel movies

    I don't know what i'm watching right now on the SyFy channel but it is so bad that I can't look away..Hahaha. The special effects are laughable at best. Why can't I stop watching??
  7. Alcoholism............. an update

    I posted a few months ago about my girlfriends alcohol problems. She went through detox and moved to a sober house..Last week we decided that se was ready to move back home with me. We moved half of her belongings but the other girls in the house insisted that she wasn't ready to leave. My GF...
  8. Alcoholism help

    Has anyone gone through getting a friend or loved one clean and sober? I need some advice.
  9. Can I move on after a divorce??

    I got divorced 4 years ago. I have two daughters that I share custody of and I pay child support. Well, I stayed single for the 4 years after my divorce. Now I have decided to move on and start enjoying my life. I have been seeing a woman for a while and we have become serious. I have let her...
  10. Classified ads and membership..

    I'm a little confused. I have been a green member for 2 years so I could have access to the "Member classifieds". But my membership expired the other day and I can't afford to renew until next Friday. I noticed that now you need to be a green member to post in the regular classified section...
  11. Attention!! Gentlemen this is important for your heart health!!

    Please take this seriously!!
  12. Anyone in Mass have a Ruger SR9?

    I just bought one and I'm wondering if mine is typical of the Mass guns. My SR9 has an amazingly light and smooth trigger. I'd say it's around 6 pounds and smooth as glass. It's almost as light as my S&W M&P with Apex parts and non Mass trigger spring. Are they all like this?
  13. Anyone see "True Grit" ?

    I saw it today and it was a fantastic movie! The actress Hailee Steinfeld that played Mattie turned in a remarkable performance! She stole the movie and deserves an Academy Award. She has one hell of a career ahead of her if she picks roles wisely. A very impressive movie all around. One of the...
  14. Anybody have the new Mass compliant SIG 1911?

    Does anyone have the SIG 1911 that is being sold in Mass? How do you like it? Quality? Reliability?
  15. Question about the SIG 556

    Does anyone know why the lower receiver of the 556 SCM is different from the other SIG 556 rifles?
  16. S&W SD40 pistol. (Quick review and initial thoughts)

    Well, I bought an SD40 the other day. At first I was disappointed in the trigger. But, after dry firing it about 30-40 times the trigger smoothed right out. The trigger has become amazing! It really does feel just like a DA revolver trigger pull and tips the scales at around 7 pounds. This is...
  17. Any SIGForum members here?

    I need the email address of SIGForum member Aenimated1 if someone could help me out.
  18. Is anyone here a member of SIGForum?

    I'm no longer a member of SIGForum but I need the email address of the guy selling these magazine base pads. Could a SIGForum member please get this guys email address for me? See the link below. Thanks
  19. More on the Slaughter Solution! This is getting very Scary!!!

    Obama says that if the Slaughter Solution works for Healthcare Reform that he will then encourage Congress to use it for Immigration Reform including Amnesty as well!!! WTF!!! This is becoming a dictatorship!!! Washington ( – The White House...
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