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  1. Moving from MA to northcentral NY

    Thank you for the response. After doing more digging, it seems that you are right in that I can bring in my long guns without any problems, but I need to get a permit to bring in my handguns. Guess I will be leaving my handguns at a family member's house in PA. Any more advice/tips regarding...
  2. Moving from MA to northcentral NY

    Just as the title says, I am moving from Cambridge, MA to Schenectady, NY. Can someone please tell me if I can bring all of my rifles/shotguns/pistols with me? My post ban assult rifles are neutered because I am in MA. I am hearing conflicting information regarding handgun ownership laws...
  3. Looking for a good striper fishing charter out of MA

    user name? I am moving to NY next month so this is probably going to be my one/only chance to go out in the big pond for stripers.
  4. Looking for a good striper fishing charter out of MA

    I am located in the Boston area and I my father and one brother is visiting this weekend. We would like to do a 1/2 day charter for stripers on Saturday. We are willing to drive, but would prefer going out anywhere from Boston up to the NH border. Any good charter companies that I should...
  5. Need a good watch 'smith'.

    I have had excellent service from Mark Sirianni. Only positive things to say about him. His website is
  6. Brown/Coakley MegaThread - Brown Wins!

    Sorry if this has been asked already, but are the election results in real time or do we need to wait - and if so, how long (not counting the absentee and military ballots).
  7. What do you look like part III...

    My son this year at halloween. He is 16 months old.
  8. Clock watching at work

    My magic number is 3:30pm also, but on Saturday. Enjoy a cold one for me.
  9. How to fish like a BadA$$

    This video has shown up in the Hunting/Fishing forum a couple of times. It certainly is impressive/stupid no matter how many times you watch it.
  10. Road Rage Stories

    There is one of these close to the Belmont/Cambridge line on Mt Auburn St, except that it is "Left turn on left arrow only." People rarely adhere to the sign even though it is a very busy intersection. Fortunately it is a favorite police hangout.
  11. Baby's first words

    Congrats! One milestone reached, many more to come. My little boy started saying "dada" at about the same age. He turned 1 yr old today! We have some great pics of him digging into his cake. We gave him the whole cake, not some little piece of it. Boy does time fly. His mother is really trying...
  12. Off-Duty Cop Shoots 2 in Parking Lot After Angels Game

    I like how they threw in every piece of info that they had in that story.
  13. Volkswagen Reliability?

    One of our vehicles is an 01 Jetta TDI with about 92k on it which we bought new. The only thing that I had to replace was a the MAF sensor (at about 70k) and 2 glow plugs over the years. Would I buy VW again? No, but it seems that our car is more of a rarity than the norm.
  14. Got the Class A LTC!!!!! Cant take guns home....YET

    congrats. Did you get an unrestricted license?
  15. I-Trader query.

    Maybe the notice that you mention is the automated response saying that the person that you left feedback for acknowledged it? Not that this person left feedback for you in return.
  16. ****CLOSED****100% SKS give away

    Yeah, I said "in" before I noticed the milsurp group req as well. It is one of the groups that you can join when you are a green member. I didn't know that it existed until I after this thread. I emailed last night to see if I can get in - hopefully my "application" will be accept after this...
  17. If you commit to sell something to someone, sell it to them!

    I would have liked to have seen the expression on his face when you did that.
  18. ****CLOSED****100% SKS give away

    Please count me in too. This is simply awesome.
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