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  1. School Shooting in Maryland

    No one wants them? Are you sure?
  2. Bolton in as National Security Advisor

    Yeah, Bolton is anything but stable. He's an uber-warmonger. Probably worse than McCain and Graham combined. Korea War II is now probably a foregone conclusion.
  3. More Appropriate Name For The March Today

    Bull(shit) on parade. Apologies to Rage Against the Machine.
  4. So.... this happened in Fitchburg today....

    March for Your Eggs
  5. Prevalence of AR15 rifles in "mass shootings"

    Hondas and Toyotas are the most common makes involved in DUI wrecks involving fatalities. Ban Hondas and Toyotas!!
  6. Florida High School Shooting

    I'm still wondering if this is the "real deal" or a "dry run". I'm thinking the latter. That is until the first school shooting after January 2019 with a Democratic controlled Congress and a wishy-washy Trump.
  7. Running out of Ammo in Private Citizen Self-Defense Shootings?

    The only case I can think of was one of the "Draw Mohammad" protests in Garland, Texas. Two ISIS terrorists, with AR pattern rifles, attempted to storm the building during the session and first confronted a police officer and an unarmed security guard. The officer was armed only with a...
  8. Running out of Ammo in Private Citizen Self-Defense Shootings?

    Odds are low and stakes are high. Through observation, I've noticed most armed professionals and seasoned concealed carry civilians use high capacity pistols or 1911s. So that's what I do. And if I am carrying a standard capacity, single stack pistol, I have at least two additional...
  9. Where can I buy a large gun safe in store?

    Riley's also has gun safes in Hooksett. Affordable Lock stocks Liberty Safes but they're for delivery only last I checked. They are in Nashua. Also any TSC carries basic Winchester and Canon safes.
  10. That time Marines in a firefight called customer service for help with an M-107

    "Hello, thank you for calling Barrett. Press 1 for Customer Service. Oprima numero dos para espanol."
  11. What do after shooting someone in selfdefense.

    INAL, but I was always instructed to make contact with 911 so you are recorded as the complainant/victim. Mas Ayoob touched on this in his books.
  12. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Has any Constitutional Carry bill been signed into law by a Democratic governor?
  13. Article: Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Group: Use ‘Ear Plugs’ Not ‘Silencers’

    The real reason they are against the Hearing Protection Act is that it would make gun ownership more acceptable in that it would make muzzle blasts less damaging to human ears, and therefore, safer. It mitigates one important piece of gun safety. Aren't these people supposed to be FOR gun...
  14. Robbery suspect shot

    That's what I thought on the second viewing of the video. Can't tell for sure if the last hit, the one when the guard went two-handed was the one that killed the suspect.
  15. Robbery suspect shot

    What's up with the one-handed grip? Looks like he lost balance and couldn't stop holding onto the partition for some reason. Shock?
  16. Transporting long guns in NH

    Yes. [smile]
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