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  1. Maine Service Rifle Championship 9/16-9/17

    It looks like I'll be able to make it after all, it was spotty there for a bit. DD
  2. reloading .308

    I'm very partial to Lapua brass, CCI BR primers, 44.5gr Varget and 175gr SMK to top it off. It runs 2706fps out of my 22" Savage 10FP, with a SD of 6fps. It has cleaned the 3x600...maybe thats why I'm partial to it. DD
  3. New toy!

    Congrats Pat Hope to see you tomorrow in Hampden DD
  4. Vermont results are in

    Thanks for the link Pat. DD
  5. 2006 Vt. State High Power Championship

    Chris I'm perfectly capable and have a high probability of screwing up. The way I see it, one step at a time, little by little, just keep climbing the ladder. I wish the weather would break, a bit of practice would be nice. DD
  6. 2006 Vt. State High Power Championship

    Pat I shot a high expert on Saturday, and a dissapointing 441 on Monday. I couldn't get anything going at the 600. Brian I won't be able to get to Reading on the 11th, but I do want to get there this season. As far as the match results go I think I got last years results this spring. It...
  7. New here...a question

    Does this mean the show is over?
  8. Using 80 SMKs....a range report.

    Yes .010" off the lands not the chamber, 10 off the chamber would be open bolt. Fixed it. Thanks. I use the BR primers mostly because thats what I started with and I've had no reason to switch. I've never had one not go off and they are a little bit harder than the WSR primers. I haven't...
  9. Using 80 SMKs....a range report.

    I load the 80 SMK's in my service rifle with real good results, I went to Vermont with 80 Noslers instead of the SMK's. the Noslers worked great at 2-3 hundred but gave up a bit at 600. THE LOADS THAT FOLLOW ARE ABOVE THE RECOMENDED CHARGES, START LOW AND WORK YOUR WAY UP. DON'T JUST LOAD...
  10. New here...a question

    Welcome Tools8288, This is a great site, I too read more than I post and I've met some of the folks here, all stand up people (well...they were standing when I met 'em) No flame intended,but...Please call it a magazine or a mag, not a clip. Clips are for nipples. (sorry ladies) Maybe this is...
  11. 2006 Vt. State High Power Championship

    Chris, I'll be in Hampden on the 25th for the long range championship. I'm sure we'll hook up sometime this season, if I don't see you before the 24th...good luck! DD
  12. 2006 Vt. State High Power Championship

    Brian, It was a great weekend. I shot above my classification, didn't set any records but took another step up. It was nice to meet you and the other "riff raff", it's always nice to put a face on a screen name. Chris, I too saw you drive by, and never got to catch up with you. So what did...
  13. Who is going to Vermont Memorial weekend?

    Pat, So thats what they call an egg shoot. ;-)
  14. Who is going to Vermont Memorial weekend?

    Chris It's a good thing if you don't hear back. Are you staying in the barracks? DD
  15. Who is going to Vermont Memorial weekend?

    Just curious. DD
  16. Full Speed Bullets...

    Holy crap, that thing could teach even the hardiest of shooters to flinch. DD
  17. Service Type

    JonJ had it right the Navy wanted some BAGGAGE handlers, so they created the Marines. ;-) Just another friendly jib, I have nothing but respect for everyone that has signed on the dotted line. Unless they are truley a POS in heart and mind. (Flame suit on) ex coastie here. DD
  18. Northeast Shooters - are you?

    I started plinking again about 4 years ago after a 15 year hiatus, started shooting F-class last year, then I borrowed a Service Rifle and shot in a couple of matches. This year officially kicks off my HP-SR journey, it ain't cheap, but it is a HOOT. DD
  19. Vermont matches

    Yeah, Scotty B and me are going for the full monty, all 3 days. I figure I'll start off my HP journey with a LEG match ( I'll help make someone look real good) :-). I shot the long range match there last year, nice set up, but the wind blew me away. DD
  20. Prepare for the Sh!T storm

    I agree with Chris, wheres the FAN? Our current gov'ment needs more than a shit storm, it needs an enema. DD
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