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  1. HUGE Riots all over the USA--Has nothing to do with Retaliation After Cops Murder Suspect, George Floyd at this point...ANARCHY!!(ANTIFA)

    They're doing the retailers a huge favor. Old stock looted, and the owners submitting insurance claims after a 2 mo shutdown. Priceless.
  2. Drove my first manual transmission car last night

    Newer standards have an auto break that gives you ~3 seconds to engage the gears without rolling back. This is cheating.
  3. Plantar Fasciitis

    Had it bad years ago. Dug out my western boots just out of desperation (big heel and low forefoot/sole). Immediate relief. I know this makes no sense. I wear them occasionally for this reason. Haven't had it since.
  4. Looking for australian shepherd puppy

    There's an old saying in the working dog world: It costs just as much to feed a good dog. Find a reputable breeder. Send them a deposit and get on the list. Good breeders will tell you what pick you have. Be willing to travel or have it shipped if necessary. Skip the rescue bs and sato dogs...
  5. Lg repair guy..a moment please

    I clean fingerprints off of my 3 yr old stainless GE fridge religiously. It should be able to withstand cleaning. Now it has rust specks all over it. The kitchen isnt damp in the slightest.
  6. So, what firearms are you buying this weekend (MA)?

    I really want a 1911 and have no idea why.
  7. Has anybody bought a car during this insanity?

    I was looking closely at a new 2019 GTI as well. But then I see used Volvo S60s / even Mercedes E class with under 50k ...for thousands less. Cant decide.
  8. Cast Iron Cooking - How many of you cook solely on cast iron cookware?

    No such luck here. My matfer with bacon grease or crisco in a 525 degree oven upside down just comes out mottled. Maybe i put it on too thin.
  9. Cast Iron Cooking - How many of you cook solely on cast iron cookware?

    The newer Lodges do not have the ring. At least mine doesnt. I would remove it from a new Lodge Cracker Barrel pan just for experimentation. I wonder if those letters in the casting make it thinner...or overall thicker. ? The carbon steel is tricky to season but they're awesome. I've resorted...
  10. Maine Blaze Orange Requirement
  11. Emily Compangno Fans?

    Man hands.
  12. "There Are Basically No Sales": U.S. Auto Industry Enters Total Collapse As A Result Of Nationwide Lockdown

    Well the car's getting $1,200 of work and parts today. I still do not see any deals searching the web. Sales are by appt only at one dealer i contacted. I don't want 84 mos (?!) at 'zero' percent. If there won't be a glut they must've known somehow. If there is, they sure are slow to react and...
  13. So I purchased a non res NH hunting license.....

    Good luck. Early muzzleloader and Sundays (doubling weekend hunts!) = win.
  14. Car Question

    jct is right. Not true. But it reminds me of another saying. "The Ford Taurus: When you've given up on your dreams."
  15. pistol scope for a t/c contender - whatta know about 'em?

    +1 Fixed power. Like the M8 with no objective bell. Cool factor off the charts.
  16. Going Blue

    Powdercoat it? Corvel lagoon Blue Wrinkle, 12-5004
  17. Pre Healey

    Thanks TPNES, PM sent.
  18. Healey / MA / Right to Bear...

    Omg OP is not talking about how reasonable/unreasonable ma game laws might be. Wake up.
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