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  1. Buy or build

    Ok I’m looking at getting another AR pistol. Should I build one or buy. Looking to spend under 1500$ . I was checking out the sugar weasel or a Daniel defense. Any suggestions, also 300blk should be the caliber I have a suppressor for my other 300 blk pistol. Just looking to blow that stimulus...
  2. Gifting a gun

    My cousin is getting married and my gift to him is an AR pistol. Five years ago when I got married he bought me a 1911 and that’s when we bolth lived in mass. My question is can he fill out the 4473 and let me pay for it at the counter as a gift. Not sure if this is a silly question.
  3. Shield arms

    Any experience out there with these magazines for the Glock 43x. They say you need there magazine release to because of the magazines being metal. I have a Glock 43x and works flawlessly but that extra 5 might be worth it. I have had other mag extensions in the past and they were terrible.
  4. Glock 20 10mm

    I have a gen 4 glock 20 bone stock. That being said recently someone at the range told me that I should swap the barrel and recoil spring. I have shot everything out of this gun from Buffalo bore and underwood to regular range ammo. I have never had an issue but was wondering if anyone could...
  5. Optic

    Looking to buy and optic for CQB under 600 any suggestions. I was thinking the green eotech.
  6. Bolt Carrier

    Looking at upgrading my bolt. This new bolt will be for my DMR ,and I don’t mind spending a big extra for quality. So any suggestions.
  7. Glock 43 double feeding

    I have brought my 43 to the range 3 different times and had the same issue. It was double feeding and just not cycling right every few mags or so. The mags are brand new. The entire gun is stock except the sights. And ideas I read a few things about 43s jamming and double feeding online. Any...
  8. New frontier armory

    Hello I just purchased a NFA lower, anyone else out one together. I have been wanting to build a Pcc. I have all NFA parts, I figured why not stick with the same company for everything. I bought everything direct off there website to.
  9. Moving to Seabrook

    Me and my wife just sold our townhouse in revere, and just purchased a nice house in Seabrook. First thing I’m buying is a suppressor for my Cz bren 805. Basically my question is what suppressor to buy I don’t know anything about suppressors. Thanks
  10. Cz bren 805

    I need optic suggestions. Something tough because of the reciprocating bolt. Any suggestions.
  11. Glock 43

    Issue with hollow points nosediving into barrel. Fmj work just fine no issues. Not sure why this is happening. Also I do have plus one taran tactical basepads. Gun is stock everywhere else.
  12. Glock born date

    Simple question, what is the best way to see when your Glock was made. Obv calling is easiest didn’t now if any were online.
  13. 9mm lower

    Basically just wondering about the stock, and what to buy as far as a stock kit. I plan on just using a 16 inch upper receiver nothing special but need a good stock for a 9mm carbine. Thank you
  14. Found an old model 6

    I was cleaning out my father in laws stuff after he passed and found a an old model 6 Remington 32 short or long. Basically I want to have it restored anybody have any suggestions.
  15. New ltc

    Hello I just received a brand new ltc today. I recently lost my wallet and had to get a replacement. Tonight I tried to do a private transfer with my cousin and It said my lisence wouldn’t go through. also tried to validate it and make sure it was active I’m not nervous at all I’m a dad with a...
  16. Cz Bren price $$$

    I’m looking to buy a cz Bren ,what is the best price around. I’m willing to drive I’m in the Boston area so I’m just trying to shop around for a good price.
  17. Revere mass

    Revere has a new licensing officer and he is the man very efficient. Had personal dealings with him and he is so nice. Revere was a tough city to get yiur LTC I would say this new guy is way more efficient and a lot nicer.
  18. Scorpion evo

    Anyone own a Scorpion EVO. Personally I like the one with the muzzle brake I want to purchase one just looking for feedback.
  19. Polymer 80

    Looking to finish my polymer 80.. anyone with any ideas about what kind of slides are out. there are zev and a couple other company’s have good stuff just a bit pricey. I am getting tax money back so I’m looking to finish it soon any ideas. Thanks
  20. Dark storm industries ar 15

    Hello just asking if anyone knows an FFL willing to except a fixed magazine AR I belong to Pelham fish and game and I want a new AR for my wife she has got into shooting recently and she loves to just lay down and shoot at long distance so the fixed magazine thing dosent really bother me and I...
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