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  1. Sunday hunting hearing sept 18 results?

    Am I missing something? What was the outcome of the hearing on sept 18th?
  2. MASS Legislation on suppressor... any updates?

    Anyone hear how this is going today? Said it was scheduled for today
  3. In need of a new turkey spot

    Haven't seen anything in my usual spots (Tewksbury and Georgetown) looking for some recommendations. I use bow or shotgun
  4. Does pelham fish and game have skeet?

    I could've sworn that they had skeet, but looked on their website and they do not have it listed. Was thinking of applying, kind of a deal breaker if they don't. Any member of pelham know anything?
  5. Thank you Massfirearms

    I attended the UTAH Multistate class on 4/25, and what an amazing experience. Our instructor James was an amazing presenter. I work in sales and do a lot of sales seminars, and James had some of the best presentation skills I've ever seen. The whole experience was top notch. The facility is...
  6. Coyote/Groundhog/nuisance hunting

    I'm looking for someone who has a problem with nuisance animals and wants them shot. Have Bow, rifle, and shotgun. Anyone in need?
  7. Hog hunting

    So I went on a hog hunt down in PA, and we didn't get anything. We were told that the land had a pig problem, but that wasn't the case. SO, now that we are all hopped up on killing some bacon I was wondering if anyone knew a person who needed some pigs killed. Distance isn't a problem we'd...
  8. Looking for a club near DRACUT, MA

    So I'm looking for a club near dracut that has a skeet and trap range, 24hr indoor range, outdoor range and archery. Any suggestions?
  9. Need help: place to turkey hunt in DRACUT

    Going out tomorrow morning, need some suggestion!
  10. Kimber 1911s

    Might already have been asked... How can I get a kimber into mass? I wanna get a pro covert 2. Any advice except move to nh?
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