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  1. Non-residents: Legal info on bringing guns into Mass. for competition or hunting

    Sorry to revive this necro thread but... I am a NH resident. I want to travel with my over/under shotgun to a gunshop in Natick MA to have a stock fitting. The exemptions I have seen on different pages make mention of hunting and competition, etc, but this is for what I assume would be...
  2. Shotgun stock work in or near Southern NH

    Agreed. That is what I would want, but those are grind-to-fit. So I was looking for someone who would do a good job. I will measure the recoil pad, but I know i wouldn’t want it much larger. Big recoil pads always seem to catch on my clothing on the mount. That is what I like about spacers.
  3. Shotgun stock work in or near Southern NH

    Blaser F3. It has the stock pad, but the LOP is only 14 3/8”. I need 14 3/4-14 7/8.
  4. Shotgun stock work in or near Southern NH

    I live on the Seacoast and have a new to me competition shotgun that I require some extra length on. I need to have a 1/2” stock extension added, which will need some fitting. I tried calling Bud Barrett (local stock fitter) but haven’t been able to reach him. Are there any other good smiths...
  5. Good pheasant preserves in New Hampshire

    I am looking for a nice and reasonably priced preserve in New Hampshire where I can go out with some friends for Pheasant and Chukkar. I live in the Seacoast area. Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ranges in Southern New Hampshire

    Does ayone know what the current wait is for membership to Nashua Fish and Game? That 600 yard range is really tempting.
  7. Ranges in Southern New Hampshire

    Thanks Rich. I went shooting rifle this weekend and the place was as crowded as I have ever seen. Seems like everyone was sighting in their rifles for hunting.
  8. Ranges in Southern New Hampshire

    I was just checking out Pelham because I want to shoot further than 300 yards. It is $180 for a regular membership then an extra work fee that is refundable upon completion of 8 work hours. That seems a bit steep, unless the facilities are all top notch. Anybody have anything good or bad to say...
  9. Ranges in Southern New Hampshire

    Major Waldron
  10. Ranges in Southern New Hampshire

    I am a member at Major Waldron and I love the fact that it has a 300 yard rifle range. I don't love the fact that for pistol you are always shooting at paper targets and that trap and skeet are always organized weekend things. I couldn't just go on a Tuesday and shoot trap with a friend. I have...
  11. Ranges near Exeter New Hampshire

    Hey dpaquette, i sent you a PM todAy. My schedule is finally easing up a bit and am ready to take you up on your kind offer. :)
  12. Ranges near Exeter New Hampshire

    Thanks, you saved me having to visit there. What a stupid setup. All it takes is one jerk that wants to keep shooting at 25 yards, and guess who is out of luck. I speak from experience at Jersey ranges. Too bad, especially since I live less than a mile from the Exeter range.
  13. Ranges near Exeter New Hampshire

    Thank you for the offer. I am very interested. My next few weekends will be spent unpacking boxes unfortunately. Right now it is looking like early May if that works for you.
  14. Ranges near Exeter New Hampshire

    I am moving to Exeter and am looking for a good range that is not too far away. I would like for it to have trap/skeet/5-stand, and would really be happy if it had Sporting Clays but I know that's asking a lot. What is also really important is that they have a rifle range that is longer than 100...
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