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  1. Gun storage

    anything good i can shoot while i store them?
  2. Can this tire be patched?

    I would do it
  3. What impact wrench to get?

    milwalkee takes off 33mm lugs off my international
  4. First Gun

    pistol ruger p94 9mm rifle marlin 795 22
  5. Ford Mustang Owners - Where are you??

    who would ever want a mustang?
  6. Local Rock Island Armory Dealers?

    bought mine at m and m in plymouth
  7. What kind of racket is this (car towed in Natick)

    if you feel your being over charged contact the dpu.
  8. glock reciever build

    i tried couldnt really find anything about registration
  9. glock reciever build

    every one just gonna be dinks or some one gonna say why its a soar subject
  10. glock reciever build

    i see alot of them for sale whats the legality of them? say i buy one how do you register it?
  11. Town transfer question

    So I don't send it to the town I moved to that didn't issue the license I send it to the town that issued the license and the town I'm moving to correct?
  12. Town transfer question

    Second time doing this but on the form it says to mail to the town that issued the license should I send to that town or the town I'm moving from?
  13. living with some one on probation

    felony but it was a continuance without a finding so no charges they just gave him the probation
  14. living with some one on probation

    a friend of mine was going to rent a room off a friend of his who is on probation he is worried about moving into some ones house who is on probation. is there any issues with this? he has his ltc a no restrictions and is very close to having to renew
  15. WTB junk cars

  16. First Camaro engine start of 2015.

    ever make a pass in it?
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