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  1. 22 for small game in MA?

    I always thought zone 10 was shotgun only for everything, but the hunting digest doesn’t mention that anywhere so I guess I was wrong. The part about year round species doesn’t mention anything about implements, so I guess that means use any gun? I think a shotgun would vaporize a chipmunk
  2. What choke for turkey hunting?

    Thanks guys. Just picked it up from a dealer today, the barrel is threaded but doesn’t have a choke in it, Previous owner must have kept the chokes. I’m ordering a few online and won’t shoot with that barrel without a choke installed. Thanks everyone for your help
  3. What choke for turkey hunting?

    Hey guys, Just picked up a used Mossberg 500 w/ 24” slug barrel and 28” ribbed barrel. The 28” doesn’t have a choke installed, gun didn’t come with them. What choke is best for turkey? Is there an all-around choke that works for most birds?
  4. home defense...line of fire

    My dad had an accidental discharge in his room the other day, shot into the bed and the round lodged somewhere in one of the mattresses cause it didn’t hit the floor. I think it was with his .380 but not sure
  5. Buying shotgun online

    Great thanks for the help guys
  6. Buying shotgun online

    I’m a MA resident with an LTC... I know I can buy a shotgun over the counter out of state (let’s say NH). Am I able to buy a shotgun online, have it sent to a NH FFL, and pick it up in-store? Or can I only have it transferred to MA?
  7. People who now want a gun but can't get them thanks to our laws

    In sept 2001 I was 16, little young for LTC. I had a fid for hunting And like I said I didn’t wait for this to apply for LTC, I applied before. My post was to illustrate that not everyone who wants a gun now wants one because of social panic, some of us just got caught in the middle of it
  8. People who now want a gun but can't get them thanks to our laws

    I had an FID in the past but it has been expired for a while, so no way to buy a shotgun until my LTC came in
  9. People who now want a gun but can't get them thanks to our laws

    I got my LTC from Hamilton about 2 weeks ago, and used my Hunter Ed from sept 2001. Keep in mind guys that not everyone who wants to buy a gun now is a liberal or panic-buying due to a crisis. I interviewed with PD in January before any talk of covid, and was planning on heading to KTP the day...
  10. Baker Follows Feds on Firearm Retailers and Ranges

    My friend and I both got our LTC’s last week, neither of us own a gun yet.
  11. Hamilton MA green or red?

    Figured I’d give this an update... just received my LTC no restrictions today (3/26) from Hamilton PD. My interview was on Jan 20 and couldn’t have been more pleasant. The sergeant who is the licensing officer is a really nice guy and didn’t have an attitude or ask me stupid questions like...
  12. Hamilton MA green or red?

    Thanks for all the replies guys, ya I just saw that comm2a list from 2017 and looks like just 1 was issued with restrictions. Should be good to go
  13. Hamilton MA green or red?

    I have not but I am going to drop by today after work and speak with them. I have not taken a class yet. My reason for trying to find this out beforehand is that some towns (like Lowell) require a bunch of other stuff with the application, including a more advanced class. I didn’t want to take...
  14. Hamilton MA green or red?

    I have checked the town list and it seems there’s still inconsistent info with Hamilton. I do live in Hamilton, don’t know who the licensing officer is, and have not applied yet. Honestly if they’re only gonna issue for target shooting then I’d might as well save my money an rent a gun at a range
  15. Hamilton MA green or red?

    I’m having trouble figuring out if Hamilton MA is considered a red or green town for unrestricted ltc’s. The info I have read is conflicting and may be outdated. Has anyone recently applied in Hamilton? I’ve never had an LTC but had an FID issued from another town that has since expired. I...
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