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  1. Favorite Recipes

    Berger 185gr Moly 62gr IMR 4350 oh, wrong recipe....
  2. Photo Contest 12-9-05

    "I think I just pooped my pants a little"
  3. West Springfield/Big E Gun show - Dec 10/11

    So, who's going and where are we meeting up? ;)
  4. you need shop access ?

    Re: Hmmm Wow, I'm in Milford. We should get together, I have some tools and a spot welder for the rails. I've built 1 and have 2 kits waiting.
  5. Transfer question

    Heh, just realized how that was taken. Sorry, I meant automotive parts.
  6. Transfer question

    Me? no, it's just a plainjane AR clone. Sounds about right on the dealer part. I'll talk to him later and see what he wants to do. He can just send the rifle to the dealer direct I believe.
  7. Transfer question

    Howdy folks, sorry I haven't been around much. Life is pretty busy and unfortuantely shooting has taken a back seat for now. Anyways, I have a question for you MA residence in the know. I'm trading to a guy some auto parts for an M4 clone that is registered in MA. What does he have to do to...
  8. Big E Gun Show - June 4 & 5, 2005

    Good luck WW. I may head down as well. If anything just to get out a bit. Let em know what the plan is and I'll try like heck to get their early this time!
  9. This shouldn't surprise anyone here.

    whirrr.. whirrr... whirrr... LOL
  10. Load data

    It seems all the guys that shoot the matches at NFGA use 24.5gr RE-15 accross the board. They say it seems to be stable enough for all bullet weights. This ofcourse is second hand knowledge, YMMV
  11. Kittery Trading Post

    I've seen KTP going down hill as well. They seem to be catering to the john kerry gentleman shooters from MA lately. Nary a mil surp gun in the place but a bazillion long barreled goose guns. On the otherhand, their reloading equip prices seemed reasonable the last time I went.
  12. Do I Wanna Start?

    Singles work well for some pretty fast reloads as well. Once your set up, you can rip out 50 or so pistol caliber rounds in about an hour. Progressives are good if your looking at reloading a lot at one sitting.
  13. Looking for a recipe

    I prefer to get the loading recipes from the bullet mfg as they know (should) what best for their bullet. The latest Speer book I have doesnt even list a .40 S&W...
  14. Looking for a recipe

    8.0 was max. The Speer manual I perused while buying some stuff at Riley's saied 7.2-8.0 for the 155gr round
  15. Looking for a recipe

    We were shooting out to 33ft. The groupings were good for me, I suck at pistol pretty much but if I used the bench as a rest, I did see some good groups. I tell you one thing, those GDHP opened themselves right up when they hit the dirt. Something I would not want to be hit with
  16. Looking for a recipe

    I got an email back from Speer and loaded per their recommendations. What I ended up, and seems to work REALLY well, was 155gr GDHP, 7.5gr Unique. These things were LOUD and accurate. J_Smith can testify to this.. :D
  17. Pre-Ban build

    Don't forget all PWA (Pac West) recievers were preban. I just traded my PWA preB for a Bushy lower to someone in Long Island.
  18. WTK If Any Gun Shows, May, June, July

    I wasn't too impressed with the Big-E, plus I felt like I was doing something illegal just being there... Too bad we dont have any really big venues like the ones in Arizona and the like.
  19. Refinished Slabside AR15

    Wow, thats impressive. I like the retro look, no forward assist, no spent casing deflector. Just needs a three pronged flash suppressor and you'll be all set! I had a conversation with the weaselman about putting an AR together a while ago, some day. I seem to be consumed with AK variants lately
  20. Bulgarian AK-74 side folder build

    Actually, those are the best kind... :D My Rommie build is very accurate for an AK. While I like my CAR-15, theirs something to be said about K.I.S.S
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