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  1. onX Hunt App

    Ok I broke down and bought the onX app and now i need to learn how to use it. Anyone else using it? What features do you recommend i get familiar with? Thanks!
  2. Continental - Clinton MA

    Didn't see a thread for Continental. This was formerly IDC. I was out there last weekend. The guy there is always very helpful. They don't care if you're just browsing which is cool. Nice shop. They had two mini 14s in wood/stainless. Prices seemed on par.
  3. How do you buy and play music at home?

    Mini rant. I just want to play music that is stored on a pc - on a JBL link300. The JBL speaker does not play iTunes playlist. I'm fine with ditching iTunes. But where can I buy and store my music so it can be picked up by the JBL wifi speaker? What do you do? One other thing; Apple su*ks.
  4. When have you seen more deer? Early am or dusk?

    I have NOT been getting up at crazy early hours to be in the woods and ready at 6:30am, but I'm starting to think I should start to - if I want to see and maybe even take a deer. I usually hunt from midday to almost half past sunset when boredom forces me out. Combination of still hunting and...
  5. Looking for value priced led flashlight for home, car, car-camping, etc.

    Any recommendations? Should I just grab a couple from the registers rack at Lowe's? Does Cabelas have any decent/reasonably priced ones, and by that I'd say around $30 - 40 each? Also, I have a bunch of incandescent Maglites. They are offering a trade in toward newer LED maglites. I...
  6. Best Value in Used Pistol

    Hi all, What would you say is the best value in a used 9mm or .45 for range, home defense and very very limited occasional carry. By value I mean high quality and reliability for a good bit less than new price. Simply put, what models do you see as relative bargains right now. Thanks!
  7. Kydex knife sheath

    Hi, Has anyone here made their own knife sheath from kydex? If son any suggestions? Where'd you buy the materials? I thought it would be a cool project with my son. His doesn't have a decent sheath. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
  8. WTS Locker

    Double locker. Top shelf in each one. Good size, probably ~ 16" deep. $70. Central Mass. Thanks for looking
  9. North Shore Striper guide/charter?

    I'd like to surprise the 13 year old with a striper fishing excursion. The north shore would be closer than the south shore and cape but I don't know exactly where to look for a guide. Anyone know of any captains (with smaller flats type boats hopefully) that guide? Or any tackle shops...
  10. 2016 campaign volunteer?

    Has anyone done any campaign volunteering? I'm thinking I'd like to give it a try but can only offer some limited free time. Like fundraising, surveying, etc. What was your experience - at any level or issue? The Gop has a registration link but I was wondering if it's better to contact a...
  11. Mass Div fisheries and wildlife

    Hey, I just got my Mass wildlife magazine. 1. I didn't even realize Wayne MacCallum had stepped down and a Mr. Jack Buckley was now director. Call me stupid but when did this happen? I'm not completely surprized but I just hadn't seen any announcement. 2. The new headquarters looks...
  12. Car Inspection: Rusted body panels

    Hi all, How can a rat rod with rusted panels get a sticker but the beater 4x4s i'm looking at will fail and get a reject sticker beause the rockers or wheel wells have rust? Is there vehicle age cut-off year when cars don't have to meet certain body panel specs for a sticker, like emmisions...
  13. Groundblinds?

    I'm thinking of buying one. Do people have good luck with them? A couple places I sit are kindof exposed. I've built natural blinds with decent results but I'm wondering if the groundblind would be better since I probably move around/fidget too much, and it might be comfortable for one of...
  14. Hunting Camps

    So who owns a hunting camp in vermont, new hampshire, or maine? Is it worth the cost, maintenance? Do you feel like you have to use it but would rather go to other places, or do you really like having it? Anyone ever do a hunting camp on public reserve land? What's been your experience...
  15. Plans for this fall?

    So who's making plans, reservations, roadtrips for hunting this fall? For me, glwatcdr, it looks like... - Maine for birds - Ma for deer, will use the muzzleloader during shotgun, just cuz - SC for deer, public land, but still looking forward to it [wink] Actually that's about it for...
  16. Vehicle advise

    Ok, I've got a good (edit) commuter box, and it's paid off. I'm not going thru another winter without 4x4 or awd. (Sold my truck years ago and have missed it ever since - but I have saved some $ commuting) Anyway, what do you recommend? - drive (edit) commuter box and trade it next fall for a...
  17. Alternative to Boston Sunday Globe

    I will not give the globe another cent. Does the Wall Street Journal have a Sunday print edition? Does the Herald? What do you get or subscribe to online? Is there a conservative Sunday news paper in this country?
  18. MassWildlife WMA Map Viewer

    Anyone else having issues accessing/printing wma maps via the new 'Map Viewer'?
  19. Any BPCR or Silhouette clubs/events in New England/the northeast?

    Hi, Would anyone know of any active clubs? I know this might be a stretch in the northeast of course, but I wonder if there might be a club in Maine or even upstate NY with some space suitable for long range, maybe has a match each year or something like that. Any info is appreciated...
  20. Shipping bullets to MA

    Howdy folks, If someone could chime in on a mail delivery guestion that would be great. Where would you go to find the official law re. whether or not I can order cast lead bullets? Just the bullet, not a complete cartridge. Just triple checking. Thanks!!! Chris
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