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  1. Who is going to Vermont Memorial weekend?

    Just curious. DD
  2. Vermont matches

    I don't know if everyone was aware that the Memorial day weekend matches in Vt. were cancelled a while back due to complaints of too much noise from the locals. Well there back on, if you wish to attend and haven't been before, you'll need to contact Steve Lawler at [email protected]
  3. Damn it's a long wait...

    This will be my first full season in HP SR competition, finally got all my own equipment, new jacket showed up 2 days ago, having the lens ground for my glasses as we speak, new upper, made a new spotting scope stand with a traversing/elevating head (PatMcD's idea)Thanks Pat, it's sweet, bla bla...
  4. This azzhat is owned...HARD Long read but the little sh*thead gets whats comming to him.
  5. AA2520 load data needed

    Could someone look up starting and max load data for 69,77and 80 grain SMK's, using AA2520. The Lyman 48 book that I have has no data for this powder. Thanks DD
  6. Whos shooting in Vermont Memorial weekend (check in)

    Any one here going to the Vermont HP match on Memorial weekend? I'm going over for Sundays match's Hope to see some of you there. DD
  7. Whats your favorite long range load?

    Just courious, I just shot my first 600yd comp. last weekend and one of the satisfying things was that my reloads (untested at 600yds) all performed great. Whats your recipes? I used .308 Lapua brass, CCI-BR primers, 44.5Gr. Varget and 175Gr. SMK's. .223 BHA match brass, CCI-BR primers...
  8. New guy checking in

    Hi all I'm new here, this is my first post . Great looking site, it's nice to have a local (new england) forum. Looking foward to helping out if I can and learning if I can't help out. DD
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