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  1. Monadnock Rod and Gun Club 15 Gun Raffle. WINNERS IN OP

    Even better than you think... I beleive that Kelly is his live-in GF. That said, I know that at least 40 tickets passed through his hands. How many of those were his...not sure.
  2. Any Fly Tiers here on NES?

    NHF&G Let's Go Fishing FREE Fly Tying courses
  3. Learn Fly Tying in NH - FREE COURSE from NHF&G

    New Hampshire Fish & Game runs a program named "Let's Go Fishing", and it has a few subgenres included, among them is Fly Tying. They also run a Fly Fishing class at McDowell Reservoir in Peterborough when the season starts and into the spring and summer. Here's a link to class registration...
  4. Monadnock Rod and Gun Club 15 Gun Raffle. WINNERS IN OP

    Thank you Dan... it was gratifying to see all of the NESers, particularly those like you who have attended our car shoots and Excruciathlon events who purchased gun raffle tickets for the cause.
  5. Monadnock Rod and Gun Club 15 Gun Raffle. WINNERS IN OP

    Congratulations Ron... thank you for participating!
  6. Monadnock Rod and Gun Club 15 Gun Raffle. WINNERS IN OP

    Hello All, It's been an age since I posted here... thank you all for your support of the Club! I have been keeping track... GoFundMe [email protected] PO Box Snail Mail... and am grateful personally, and on behalf of the Club for your generosity by helping us defend the Monadnock Rod and Gun...
  7. Spring Trigger Breakout Car Shoot Sat. June 30th could be there. Just go GREEN and join the NES, and you can sign up for a genuine car shoot replete with NFA (multiple machine guns) firearms, and all manner of lead throwers. Go Green and then follow this link to the Car Shoot Thread in the Green Section of the Forum. A Green...
  8. Happy "Mothers" Day and What's New In Baltimore.

    I've left a few messages that landed on-the-air over-the-years too ...nice on the Zappa call-out. Howie's easy, just mention Kennedy Babylon in your call and you'll be on-the-air regardless if it's Steve, Jarrod or Grace on-the-board, he's a merchandising mo. Great googly-moogly
  9. Police departments grapple with what to do with seized firearms

    Rindge, New Hampshire's PD and their "storage" issues I know resources with presses and milling machines that can accomplish this mission post-haste. I choose not to be a part of that process.
  10. advice for first pistol

    I took the time to read the whole thread before adding this response: .22LR - Unless you are genuinely spooked by the .45 flinch that you induced, and wish to own a handgun for carry, I would skip the .22 and move on up to a 9mm. .22 rimfires have their place, I even have Colt's .22...
  11. Monadnock Rod and Gun Club - Peterborough/Jaffrey, NH

    Pumpkin Blast IX NES Green Shoot at Monadnock Rod and Gun Club in Peterborough, NH Sat. Nov. 4th 9am-4pm for "Green" NES Members and their guests. Targets: This will be a pumpkin & scarecrow shoot...the main target(s) are pumpkins skewered onto wooden stakes pounded into the ground, pumpkins...
  12. WWII Reenactment this weekend - Stow MA

    I'm using this thread for comment, because it's the oldest one that I could find whose main subject is the re-enactment at the Collings Foundation in Stow, MA. Battle for the Airfield 2017 October 7 @ 8:30 am - October 8 @ 4:30 pm Cost at entrance is $20 for adults and $10 for children. No...
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