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  1. HUGE Riot in Minnesota--Retaliation After Cops Murder Suspect, George Floyd

    All show with the M4's hopefully they gave them ammunition this time as a rule they don't.
  2. Let's talk hand tools

    No SK or Armstrong on your list what kind of list is that
  3. Official NES Jeepers thread

    life raft
  4. Kitchen knives, cheap knives, electric sharpener?

    Lamson and Cutco will sharpen your knives for free I am sure there are more companies but we have these and they are American Made to boot. I suppose cheap knives will work like the expensive ones but you would be giving up that beautiful handle and sexy blade and I like my women, cars and tools...
  5. Show me your watches. :)

    Rolex did supply the movements for the early Panerai's, Gruen also made early movements for Rolex watches. Swiss watch history is mired in a black hole in that a lot of it is veiled in secrecy and hidden facts.
  6. What is this outlet for?

    TV antenna outlet
  7. Any Norfolkians?

    Millis is very nice good schools
  8. Tent City Go Fund Me

    So after reading this I had a brainstorm that we could launch a go fund me page to buy tents for the homeless on the West Coast. I think we would hit it out to the park and give the Lib's what they want not a tent city but a tent country. Imagine so many tents the Lib's wouldn't be able to get...
  9. Chrysler Dodge dealers and service

    Not me! I gave up Dodge and GM a long time ago especially GM I got tired of having to send the tow truck driver a Xmas present yearly to keep him in my good graces.
  10. Is anyone selling tomato plants?

    Plenty of farms should have seedlings for sale now especially this week because this is the week of all weeks to plant or some think so (the season for starting seeds outdoors and planting is almost over). Just google farms near you and call them I think you'll be surprised plus chalk it up to...
  11. Crosswalks and bicyclists...

    Good retort are you old enough to post on NES?
  12. Crosswalks and bicyclists...

    Nope just you!
  13. Crosswalks and bicyclists...

    I don't like bike riders they ignore the laws and like you feel they have more rights than others. I'd be careful with the tough talk on the internet as well you may not like what happens the next time you to try to pull someone from their vehicle. I do hope I am there to watch it though.
  14. Crosswalks and bicyclists...

    Yep this is MA run him over and ask questions later. I hate bike riders they flaunt the law you don't want to be riding down the middle of the road or side by side when my truck mirrors pass you I had one bike rider who was upset I explained to him he was lucky he could still ride away. Other...
  15. Super-rich buying underground bunkers with SHOOTING RANGES over fears coronavirus will spark social meltdown

    Not a good idea for a gun safe. If my wife caught me passed out on the couch she'd take the opportunity to lock me in their for good. I'm sticking with the something smaller it's a lot safer for me.
  16. Official NES Jeepers thread

    How do use your clutch and hang your foot on the footpeg while driving then [rofl]
  17. More police protecting and serving

    More cops breaking their constitutional oath and the cops can't for the life of themselves understand why they are so disregarded. She's not guil;ty BTW.
  18. Official NES Jeepers thread

    Gears shouldn't be too bad even with 3.73 ratio and 35's but you do have to buy the tool to re-calibrate for transmission shifting like this tool Braking changes as well I need to upgrade to bigger brakes now as well.
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