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  1. I got "Called Out" today......

    Kim, I hope you at least end up with free beer for your troubles and lost time.
  2. Illinois Stripper Arrested While Carrying 18 Knives

    Love this set! Makes you feel like a surgeon in your own kitchen
  3. Let's talk hand tools

    I’ve found SK to be a good middle of the road. That said I bought most of them 10-15 years ago Also a neat thing to see tools move on and build/fix things through multi generations of a family.
  4. anti trump anthum

    She has that Kathy Bates face. Like from Misery. Down right night mare scary.
  5. Gravel driveway question

    Hard to tell from the pictures but alot depends what is underneath. You need a sold base. You can’t put gravel or stone over loam or organic material that holds water and expect it to firm up. May need some digging.
  6. anti trump anthum

    That poor lady is a straight jacket candidate
  7. Roofing Cost Question

    Hand nailed? That still happens? Must quadruple labor cost
  8. My 37 Sauer bolt MM. post your Mauser !

    Cj very nice! Also like that bnz! What makes you certain the dot is a bringback? I love a story! Please tell.
  9. Apartment lease is up in two months. Am I crazy to consider buying a house???

    Buy a house. You can either pay your mortgage or your landlords. Tell them you are in process of buying. See if they will let you pay by month. Most landlords don’t want to lose a tenant right now.
  10. Grown Son has never fought. I fought too much cause late Colombia Point upbringing. Kids better today no physical violence but so much Online stuff?

    Tasting your own blood is not a bad life lesson. You won’t have to wonder how you’ll react in certain situations
  11. Winchester Trifecta and Poll Question

    Tim I dug the book out as this was very interesting to me. It seems after Winchester protested discrimination further interchangeability tests were ordered. Many rifles were recalled to be tested and ones deemed acceptable were star marked on the receiver. Star marked Remingtons can also be...
  12. Winchester Trifecta and Poll Question

    I didn’t know this Tim. My Remington mixmaster had a W bolt that I traded. Must have been later?
  13. Winchester Trifecta and Poll Question

    I’d take the poly off with stripper. No abrasives. Then I’d leave it as is. Looks like a very nice example. Perhaps you could post to trade bolts on the CMP forum? Looks like an awesome find Tim!
  14. Skoolie Conversion

    Looking forward to seeing this progress. How do you pick one out of a fleet that size?!
  15. American made lug nut wrench?

    X112 on the breaker bar and deep well socket. Serves multiple purpose.
  16. Prince Harry gives up £50K rifle collection and hunting 'to please Meghan Markle'

    A good microcosm of why England is in the position they are in.
  17. F-15 Flyovers Tomorrow

    Absolutely appreciate your justification for flyovers. I’ll take it one step further though. If someone questions flyovers being outside of necessary spending they should stop paying taxes and move to a place where they will not be permitted the freedom of patriotism.
  18. Almost ready to take the new boat out!

    Looks amazing Sky. I bet you could do some damage with that in the community pool
  19. Enfield muzzle

    Shoot it first and see. From a collector standpoint I’d rather a pitted muzzle on a rifle than one that has been recrowned.
  20. Block & Tackle System for my Barn?

    If you were a badass old school farmer you’d throw them up. If you were smart you’d hang an electric chainfall. Harbor freight has cheap ones that are decent. If you have room a hay elevator works also.
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