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  1. Article: MA house speaker Rober DeLeo expects to pass new gun laws.

    I know Bob DeLeo. I consider him a friend. He's a good man and I owe him a lot. I would like to see what's in the proposal. I will express my displeasure to him then.
  2. Two guns stolen from FBI SWAT team.

    This is comical and frightening at the same time. The agents in charge of said vehicle and weapons should lose their jobs and be prosecuted!!
  3. SAF (Gottlieb) Helped Write S.649 (Toomey/Manchin) "Background Check Bill"

    None of this will prevent another Newtown. They all know it. They just want to push something through that will make it seem like they did something. We all know that Democrats want us disarmed. Something will get passed one way or another. I'd prefer that it be a bill with no teeth and no real...
  4. MSP transitioning to M&P45?

    The SIGs are not marked with any MSP specific markings.
  5. MSP transitioning to M&P45?

    Trust me, the state police are using the 4 inch mid size model. I see the gun every day.
  6. MSP transitioning to M&P45?

    It's the best M&P available...They got the .45 perfect from the start.
  7. MSP transitioning to M&P45?

    Mid size M&P 45 , 4" barrel full size frame.
  8. In defense of gun stores

    I wasn't referring to HOF. Al's Reel and Gun is my local shop..
  9. In defense of gun stores

    I have read posts lately knocking gun shops for not being very helpful lately, especially with phone calls. We need to be a little more understanding with the shops. I can tell you that every shop that I have been to since the Sandy Hook incident has been packed to the gills with customers...
  10. Patriot arms in ipswich

    Mark73, If you are serious about buying the gun that you called them about then call back. Explain that you are interested but have a long ride and that you can wait while he goes to check what is included. If he knows that you're serious and need to know before you drive all that way then I'm...
  11. LTC in Billerica asking for extra items on application

    A co-worker of mine has been trying to get his LTC in Billerica...he has everything except....are you ready for this????...........A DOCTORS NOTE!!! Billerica wants a note from his doctor stating that he is of sound mind to carry a gun...Being that his doctor is part of a big HMO his doctor told...
  12. Collectors Guns, Stoneham, MA

    pthomas45, the panic buying is nation wide ;) I walked into my local gunshop the other night up here in NH. The place was jammed and it was past closing time!! This country sure gone crazy!!
  13. Collectors Guns, Stoneham, MA

    I'm surprised to hear that. Jack has always been great to deal with.
  14. All is not as it seems at Sandy Hook

    I think bullseye has hit the bulls eye.
  15. Price Gouging

    It's too bad that business owners are all about making a killing on the items they sell. Back when mom and pop shops ruled the world they would take care of their customers and help them out. It all has to do with reputation. The sellers that gouge now won't be long lasting businesses. Why do...
  16. All is not as it seems at Sandy Hook

    False Flag operation.
  17. All is not as it seems at Sandy Hook

    I'll quote an old saying.... "Belive nothing that they tell you and only half of what they show you" I worked in the big media as a photographer.. They ALL have their agendas, They will never tell you the "truth" they will only tell you what the money handlers tell them to tell you...
  18. Price Gouging

    I understand where JMH is coming from. Some people are honest enough to ask a fair price, especially to others that share their hobby/passion. If it wasn't for a nice and fair dealer yesterday I would not have gotten my evil black rifle. He had offers of double what it was marked but he still...
  19. Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax Fraud Robbie Parker Actor Exposed Smiling Laughing

    Bump...because this is all a sham to gain more control of our guns, our schools and our health system.
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