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  1. Mass State Police training in Bourne today

    Today on Rt 28 North bound in Bourne I saw at least 35 troopers gathered at the MA DPW barn for at least 90 min. They were divided into 2 teams of 5 each standing in the breakdown lane with one team facing towards the Bourne Bridge and the others towards the Otis roatary. Several members of each...
  2. LTC change of address

    This afternoon I called the MA Firearms Records Bureau to change my residential/ mailing address. Stayed in the same town but moved to a different village. So a change is required. Phone was answered on the first ring and the process took not even 2 minutes to complete. Pretty darn easy I must...
  3. Bourne Bridge Guns and Ammo

    Drove by yesterday and noticed the sign was gone. Paid closer attention today and noticed the the Venetian blinds are open ( always have been closed), empty counters inside, and a For Sale sign in front of the building it shared with a towing company.
  4. Water Spout Cape Cod Canal

    I was driving over the Sagamore Bridge in the very heavy rain this afternoon and saw a water spout in the canal behind the ballfield in Sagamore. Stories on both ch 4 & 5 with photo and video. Must have traveled down the canal as there is a photo of it by the Bourne bridge. It was quite the...
  5. Holiday Grid Lock Bourne/ Buzzards Bay

    Boy oh Boy it's is a traffic nightmare around here. Visited Mom in a nursing home in Buzzards Bay this afternoon. Then went to check her house which is a 1/2 mile away. Took 44 min to get there, and this was just on a local side street. Can't imaging what the Bourne Roatary, center of...
  6. McDonalds Sagamore, Ma

    Was out along the canal today taking my elderly Mother out for a ride and stopped to get her a cold drink. While waiting for my order I observed an employee take a small bag of fries for a customer order, and prior to placing the fries in the bag she removed one fry and ate it. She then...
  7. Joes Lobster Mart in Sandwich being demolished

    Joes Lobster Mart on the Cape Cod Canal is being demolished this week. The owner was convicted of being in possession of stolen shellfish. The land was leased from the US Army Corps of Engineers who terminated his lease. Been there a long time and was always a very busy place.
  8. Gasoline Prices

    Yesterday in Buzzards Bay there were three stations selling 87 octane for $1.99 a gallon. Two were cash prices, not sure on the third one. This is the first time I have seen gas on the Cape under $2 in a very long time.
  9. Cruise ship and Car Carrier in the Cape Cod Canal

    Several of us were out around the Sandwich Marina Sunday afternoon and we saw a small luxury Cruise ship Silver Whisper which is 610 ft. 10 minutes behind it was the Car Carrier Opal Ace which was 656ft long. They were heading West towards Buzzards Bay.
  10. USS Caron Ships Bell

    I was in Middleborough, MA on Friday visiting the family cemetery plots and decided to take a drive through the town I grew up in. While I was on South Main St I see some congestion in the road and it was a group of Veterans pushing the ships bell from the USS Caron to Town Hall for a Memorial...
  11. Masked man wearing a cape at tonights Sox game

    What's up with the guy wearing a black mask with stripes,orange cape,shirtless in the second row of tonight's game in Charm City? You can see him when they do a close up on left handed hitters.
  12. Bourne Bridge Closes

    Gas tanker rollover at the rotary circle in front of the State Police Barrack's. Big fuel spill and gas made its way into the canal. Bridge currently closed. Got a reverse 911 call from Bourne PD around 6:30AM.
  13. Ice in the Cape Cod Canal

    There was a lot of sheet ice in the Canal today flowing with the tide.
  14. Large ship in the Cape Cod Canal

    Caught this very large car carrier in the Cape Cod Canal in front of Joes Lobster mart in Sandwich on Thursday. It was heading West probably coming back from Boston .
  15. A shamless plug for myself

    At the January meeting of The Sagamore Rifle Club I was presented with their first ever Special Award for my precipitation at our monthly Military shoot. I usually bring my Mosin M44 firing in two strings, 20 rounds each string with the bayonet extended. All shots are 100 yards. The members who...
  16. Maple Bacon Donuts

    In Atlanta this weekend for my nephews wedding. Instead of a traditional wedding cake they had 8 varieties of donuts (12 dozen for 80 people ) so I had one of the maple bacon ones and got to tell you it was pretty dam good. Sorry no action photo.
  17. Retired

    Well at age 63 I finally pulled the plug after 34 years in the marine electronics industry ( 2 companies 17 years each ) of coast to coast trade show travel for 75-100 days a year with the rest of the time in the office. Went to the Cape Cod Social Security office last week, and contacted...
  18. Cost to fill 20lb BBQ tank

    Yesterday at Welders Supply on RT 28 in Wareham I paid $13.75 out the door to have my tank filled. Thought that was pretty good.
  19. Heavy Lift Sandwich Mass

    Yesterday at the Sandwich bulkhead this self contained crane on a barge lifted a huge transformer and placed it on 2 tandem trailers and drove it over to the canal power plant. The crane when extended was at least 250 feet and 2 tugs were holding the barge in place. The tandem trailers each...
  20. Denver or Seattle

    Wondering who you all think will win on Sunday? I am currently working at the Seattle Boat Show which is right next to Century Link Field, and my hotel is right across the street. Lots of Seahawks flags and banners up around here as Super Bowl fever has hit. I will be staying here on Sunday to...
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